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12 Ways to Ensure Your Corporate Event is a Success

One of the secrets to developing a successful company is to have a top-notch marketing strategy. After all, nobody will spend their money on a company’s product or service if they are unaware that the company exists. One of the ways to improve a company’s reach is to use an exhibition event.

These exhibitions frequently take place at large showcases with other companies and offer a way for businesses to demonstrate their products and services to a captive audiences. Through this event, companies can increase their rate of customer acquisition and hopefully gain long-term clients. When it comes to a successful corporate exhibition event, there are several tips that everyone should keep in mind.

  1. Ensure that the event is right for the company.

Too often, companies will jump at any opportunity to attend an exhibition event. While these are great ideas, it is important that the company understand why the event is being thrown and plan objectives accordingly. Ensure the company can show off their business, build a reputation, and earn some new customers by attending this event. Otherwise, it is just a waste of everyone’s time.

  1. Create your exhibition stand.

When setting up for the event, make sure that everything is in its proper place. Rely on modular and flexible exhibition stands to show off the company’s fantastic products front and centre. This is vital to showcasing the best parts of the company. Your stand should be well thought out and designed. Work with an exhibition stand company to create a stand that’s unique and suitable to your business.

  1. Do not go over budget.

There are many companies who actually lose money at these events because they place too many of their funds into making a fantastic design. While it is important to attract attention, do not spend more money than is necessary.

  1. Advertise for the event.

The only way to attract new customers at an exhibition is to ensure that people actually show up to the event. Let friends, family, and other potential customers know that the event is coming up. Use the press to get the word out and place information on the company’s website.

  1. Prepare a brochure to hand out.

Make sure the impact of the company is felt long after the event is over. Brochures aren’t expensive and offer a great way for people to read about the company after the event. The many businesses at these exhibitions often blend together. Use a brochure to help remind people what the company stands for.

  1. Select the team carefully.

Everyone has employees that are more enthusiastic than others. These are the people that should be representing the company at the event. Potential customers should see smiling faces and energy at the stand.

  1. Stand out at the event.

The only way to lure customers to the company’s station is to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few gadgets and gizmos. Most importantly, everyone likes free stuff, even if it is just a few pieces of sweets.

  1. Practice the sales pitch.

This event is going to be filled with people with a short attention span. Don’t lose potential customers because the sales pitch is too long or unrehearsed. Practice it in the days leading up to the event. Keep it concise.

  1. Arrive at the event early.

Maximise the amount of time the company actually spends marketing their products by showing up to the event a few minutes early. This gives ample time to set up and gather last minute items.

  1. Collect contact information.

Make sure the company has a sign-up sheet to collect customers’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Follow-up with these people after the event to remind them of the fantastic products and services the company offers.

  1. Keep the stand area clean.

Do not eat or drink at the stand. Make sure that the people representing the company look professional. The company should appear organised. This will increase people’s faith in the business.

  1. Thank the organisers.

These events aren’t possible without the hard work of the people who put together the exhibition. Return the favour by leaving the venue better than it looked prior to the event. Send a thank you note to the people running the show. This will encourage a repeat invitation in the future if desired.

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