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Making The Most Of A Weak Pound And Strong Euro

Making the most of a weak pound and strong euro

Earlier this year, the euro was in real trouble. Populist elections in France and the Netherlands looked set to undermine the single currency, with ‘Frexit’ and a return to the French franc looking like a real possibility. But since Emmanuel…

6 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Your Shop Online

6 things you need to know before taking your shop online

While the world of the internet and might have revolutionized the way we ‘work, rest and play’, we shouldn’t allow this cloud our judgement. There are, indeed, a great many people who haven’t fully tapped into the benefits offered by…

Three Common Misconceptions About Changing Career

Three common misconceptions about changing career

From feeling unfulfilled in your current role to having a lifelong yearning to learn a particular skill or trade, there are many reasons why you might be daydreaming about changing the direction of your career. All too often though common…

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