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Barriers To Productivity   

Barriers to Productivity  

One of the primary roles of a workplace is to maximise productivity to achieve the best results possible for that business. According to research from AXA PPP healthcare, 42% of small businesses said the biggest productivity blocker was employees being…

Six Lessons Every Company Should Learn From Start-ups

Six Lessons Every Company Should Learn from Start-ups

At Bedrock HR Ltd we work with a growing number of start-ups and we've been thinking about what businesses at any age and stage can learn from the new kids on the block. These are some of our thoughts which we hope you…

Why Customer Feedback Is Essential To Your SME

Why Customer Feedback is Essential to Your SME

Whether you’re just starting a new business or trying to achieve further growth for your SME, customer feedback should always play an essential role in your business strategies. Whatever service it is that you provide, whether it’s selling sewage treatment…

Top Tech Tips For Keeping On Top Of Your Business Needs

Top Tech Tips for Keeping on Top of Your Business Needs

Whatever industry you’re operating in, you can rely on technology to help you make your business more efficient, more effective and prepared for whatever’s coming in the future. But how do you use technology to keep on top of your…



Since the signing of article 50 triggered the formal start of Brexit negotiations, research shows that one-third of SME and mid-market businesses are hopeful that Britain’s departure from the EU will have a positive impact on their business, according to…

The World’s Most Expensive Software Mistakes

The World’s Most Expensive Software Mistakes

It’s no secret that developing software can sometimes prove a costly process, but new software tools can enable you to achieve, faster, better or cheaper results for your business. The more value a system brings to your business over time,…

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