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Running a business from a self-storage unit

Operations Director at, Oliver Kitson, gives his advice on how business operations can run successfully from a self-storage facility.

Self-storage units aren’t used solely for hoarding old junk or housing furniture whilst somebody is moving house; there are many different uses that can put your business’ existing operations to the test.

Self-storage facilities are breathing new life into businesses with SMEs and sole traders exploiting their uses to become profitable and fully operational companies. It’s not only the cost benefits of using this kind of facility to base your business that are becoming more attractive for new entrepreneurs, the security benefits mean that your business can migrate out of your garage and into your industry whilst still being stable and secure.


Here are some tips on how to benefit in the long term by running your business from a self-storage facility:

Choosing the correct facility

Although it may sound like an obvious tip, choosing a self-storage site that offers a range of different facilities can be beneficial to your business and make the process run much more smoothly. The use of forklifting, printing and WiFi services can be of a great advantage to your business, whilst the availability of board and meeting rooms can help you get the most out of the money you’re spending. Discussing with the company is the easiest way to filter out the services which are involved in the rental of a unit.


Is the location appropriate?

Running a business can come with a multitude of problems, especially if it is a start-up business. Answering phone calls regarding deliveries in the middle of the night and replying to emails within a matter of minutes is sometimes essential, so it’s a good idea to rent a unit at a self-storage facility that is accessible and easy for you to reach.

When taking into account the location of a self-storage facility, it can be useful to know their opening hours. With some facilities offering 24-hour access so that you can be on hand any time of the day to receive deliveries, service your customers and place immediate orders, the opening times of the facility you’re looking to rent from should be taken into account.


Is it a secure facility?

Full and complete security systems are paramount for the safety of your business and your stock when running a business from a self-storage unit. Facilities should be covered with intruder alarms and CCTV, alongside an individual lock secured to your own unit. It’s also crucial to look into contents protection for your items; some companies will charge for this, but others will include it in the rental price.


The benefits of running a business from a self-storage unit:

It’s not just the peace and quiet you can enjoy when working away from a communal office – there are many more benefits that you can enjoy when running your business from a self-storage unit.


These can include:

Increased flexibility

Storage facilities are great for providing extra space that is sometimes necessary when running a larger business. Instead of paying the hefty costs that can come with warehouse rental, it’s a great idea to store excess furniture and equipment in a self-storage unit. You only need to pay for storage space that you will actually need, whether that is goods waiting for delivery or paperwork that you don’t need immediately. Adequate ventilation is also beneficial to have in your self-storage unit, as well as protection from adverse weather conditions to ensure your goods are kept in excellent condition.


Reduced costs, including bills and overheads

Operating your business from a self-storage unit can significantly reduce your costs, with overheads being cut dramatically when you make the switch from a conventional office to a secure self-storage unit. As well as the cost for monthly rent taking less of a chunk out of your profits, utility bills and business rates will also cost you considerably less.

It can be difficult to find the ideal space from which to kick off your journey into a successful business. Get in touch with your local storage operator for some advice on how they can support you, your business and your clients.

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