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Why Recognizing Good Work Motivates Even More Of It

Why Recognizing Good Work Motivates Even More Of It

We humans can be silly creatures. We might work at something we like and get a nice paycheck for it, too, but still aren’t happy until someone looks at what we’ve done and says, “good job!” That simple acknowledgement refills…

Knowing What To Do Once You’ve Sold Your Business

Knowing what to do once you’ve sold your business

If you have landed on this article then you’re likely looking for some advice around selling your business. You will have probably found that there is an abundance of information online on knowing when the right time to sell your…

Making The Most Of A Weak Pound And Strong Euro

Making the most of a weak pound and strong euro

Earlier this year, the euro was in real trouble. Populist elections in France and the Netherlands looked set to undermine the single currency, with ‘Frexit’ and a return to the French franc looking like a real possibility. But since Emmanuel…

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