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The EU VAT System

The EU VAT system

It urgently needs to keep pace with market developments The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) welcomes the European Commission's proposals regarding its Action Plan on VAT, which aim to modernise the EU Value Added Tax (VAT) system, at the…

Future Proof

Future Proof

The need to manage seasonality is a given for the majority of retailers - from Easter to Christmas, Black Friday to summer sales, effective management of trading peaks is key to success. But in an increasingly volatile business environment, with…

Click & Collect Can Bring Good Cheer To Retailers This Christmas

Click & Collect can bring good cheer to retailers this Christmas

  Survey of Christmas shoppers shows Click & Collect solutions would improve their in-store experience In a recent survey of UK consumers by Qmatic, the market leader in customer journey management solutions, 26% reported that a ‘Click & Collect’ service…

How To Keep Business Costs Down Year After Year

How to keep business costs down year after year

Controlling costs in business isn’t always easy, but there are some relatively simple steps you can take to bring your spending down. If you’re looking for ideas that could help you keep your expenses in check, it’s worth paying attention…

Breaking Down Business Safety | A Cautionary Tale

Breaking Down Business Safety | A Cautionary Tale

Smitty was the kind of guy that everyone loves to have in the workplace. The kind of guy you would want next to you in a foxhole while pinned down by enemy machine gun fire. Always positive, always smiling, the…

7 Best Practices For An Efficient Warehouse Operation

7 best practices for an efficient warehouse operation

Organisational skills are very handy things to have in life. Some people have a natural born knack for seeing a situation and knowing exactly what needs to be done to improve it, while others need a bit of help to…

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