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Exporting For Small Businesses: 10 Top Tips

Exporting for small businesses: 10 Top Tips

Thinking about exporting as a small business can seem a bit daunting – there’s lots to learn, and you still have a business to run. But lots of UK businesses are making a success of trading overseas, and there’s plenty…

Advice For Growing Businesses

Advice for growing businesses

Small business tips on trading in Europe To many small businesses, the thought of expanding overseas can seem quite daunting. But it's actually proving successful, opening up new opportunities for many businesses: One in five small businesses are currently trading…

Advice To Manage Your Finances And Cash Flow

Advice to manage your finances and cash flow

Keeping track of what money is coming in and going out of your business is essential. Remember, profit isn’t the same as cash flow. Your business may generate a large profit margin and you may experience strong growth, but if…

VAT – Staying Compliant

VAT – Staying compliant

Keeping VAT records You must keep VAT records for at least six years. You can keep them on paper, electronically or in so ware. Records must be accurate, complete and easy to access. If you’ve lost a VAT invoice you…

VAT For Small Businesses

VAT for small businesses

What is VAT? VAT, or Value Added Tax, is a tax that is charged on most goods and services that VAT registered businesses provide in the UK. Unlike other taxes, VAT is collected on behalf of HMRC by registered businesses.…

Infographic: International VAT explained

When trading abroad you'll need to consider how to apply VAT in the EU and outside of the EU. The basics of international VAT are explained in this infographic - learn the key terms, find your place of supply and…

Are You Worried About The Competition?

Are you worried about the competition?

Business has always moved quickly. But even in the last few years there’s been a major acceleration of the pace of normal business. Today entrepreneurs and innovators are disrupting the markets. Smaller businesses are now successfully competing with, and winning…

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