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Six Lessons Every Company Should Learn From Start-ups

Six Lessons Every Company Should Learn from Start-ups

At Bedrock HR Ltd we work with a growing number of start-ups and we've been thinking about what businesses at any age and stage can learn from the new kids on the block. These are some of our thoughts which we hope you…

7 Simple Steps To Create A Successful Staff Training Plan

7 simple steps to create a successful staff training plan

Training your team is an investment – and one well worth making. Employees who lack skills or knowledge are likely to struggle in a role they aren’t properly equipped for, causing demotivation, anxiety and underperformance. But planning an effective staff…

Moving Into Patient Care: 6 Things You MUST Know

Moving into patient care: 6 Things you MUST know

A role in patient care is one of the most rewarding career paths you can take, as you assist those in need and ensure they recover or cope successfully. If you are moving into such a position, here are six…

Public Speaking: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

Public speaking: an entrepreneur’s guide

Public speaking often comes with the territory when you’re an entrepreneur. To communicate effectively with everyone from your employees and business partners to your investors and customers, you might frequently need to address groups of people. Don’t panic if this…

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