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How to prepare your team for exhibiting

Exhibiting is an exciting and fast-paced environment for businesses. It’s important that everybody on your exhibition stand is on top form for the entire event so here are some top tips to help prepare your team for the big day.

1. Set clear timetables

Setting clear timetables for breaks can allow your staff to sit down for a while and to unwind. It’s impossible to be on top form all day without having some R&R here and there. Setting a timetable out and making sure each member of the team is aware of their expectations to stick to it will make sure that everybody is able to take a break, have a drink, something to eat and be ready again for the end of their break.

Make it clear to everybody that they need to stick to the timetable religiously, else they risk their own wellbeing as well as their ability to perform.

2. Have great expectations

How do you want your staff to behave on stand? Make sure that you brief them before the event as to how they should behave. Their actions after all have a direct impact on your business at an event as they are the face for your brand.

From not sitting down on stand –as it makes them look unapproachable – to not using their phones, make sure these rules as clear and understood by everybody.

You’re not making the rules to be a party-pooper, you’re making sure that while they’re representing your brand on-stand that they’re behaving in a manner that you’d expect as a potential visitor.

3. Make sure they are experts

There’s nothing more damaging to your brand than being seen as unknowledgeable. If a customer asks a question about your product, service or latest offer then your staff should know it inside out and upside down. This will help to increase confidence in your brand – and your staff!

4. Talk them through your stand in the morning 

Make sure that your staff arrive early – about half an hour before the event starts – for a pre-show walk through. Show them your Marler Haley roller banners and other displays so that they can see what the visitors will be seeing.

Walking them through the stand will help to understand the journey that you want customers to go through.

If you have any offers or discounts they can use as ‘manager specials’, make sure that they are fully aware of them to help convert visitors into leads and sales.

5. Make it rewarding

Adding an element of competition between each other at an event can really help boost morale and help your staff strive for success. Even a prize of a bottle of champagne to the person with the most sales can help to give a personal incentive to do better.

Of course, make sure that you thank your stand-staff for their effort regardless of whether they drive the most sales. If they’ve put in a lot of effort, then a simple “thank you” and recognition can help to make their efforts feel appreciated. It’s a simple gesture, but can make those sore feet all worthwhile.

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