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How to Start a Small Profitable Business

After years of working for someone with much hard work and less rewards, you decide to start your own business. Perfect! But the question is “How? “There are tricks to it, but that’s a lot of work, and sometimes even experienced entrepreneurs don’t earn more money than they spend right away. I’ll explain the ways you can give your business the best possible chance for success. Most importantly, don’t give up because your first try doesn’t succeed. It’s completely normal that it take a few attempts to get a small business up and running.

First and foremost, research the market conditions for whatever sector you want to enter. For example, if you want to start a retail company you might look at retail sale trends. If sales are down 10% over the year, then you might consider waiting. Alternatively, you could decide your idea is good enough to buck the trend and move forward regardless. Either way, you need to be fully informed about consumer demand for what you plan to offer.

It’s helpful to bring a customer in the door as soon as you open business. While it doesn’t guarantee success, having a contract for your goods or services immediately provides a significant cash flow advantage. You’ll be tempted to offer excellent credit terms to get them on board. Price reductions are better in the beginning. Once you’ve established enough cash flow to pay your bills, you’ll better be able to offer favorable credit terms to your clients.

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Sub-contract the services that make sense. For example, say you know nothing about payroll processing or accountancy. Get services from the companies who offer these services, specifically to small businesses because they know they’re difficult to learn. One day you’ll have an entire HR (Human Resources) department, but today is not that day.

Offer competitive but sustainable salaries. It’s good to get the best of the best, but do you need the top candidate? So many people are looking for jobs right now, the top 30% is easily all capable of offering adequate or better job performance. Focus more of your energy into researching resume information and calling references. The more you pay out in salary and benefits the more cash inflows you need to sustain the expenses and the less credit you’ll be able to offer to your customers.

Taking out a line of credit or loan can provide a lot of advantages provided you can make the payments. It’s riskier in some markets than others depending upon the reliability of your income. It’s also essential in some markets due to the vast majority of business occurring at a particular time of year. For example, retail sales are significantly higher late third and fourth quarter for items commonly purchased as gifts. It’s typical for sales to be down for the entire year until “Black Friday,” when a profit finally begins to appear on the books.

These are simple tips to help; but what else should you know? As you’re likely already aware, most business decisions are a balance between risk and reward. The biggest threat to your success is a risk you don’t know exists in the first place. This place is another situation where research can play significantly to your advantage. Find out why other businesses in the market you want to enter struggled or failed.

One common reason for failure is offering too much credit. If the company was public, you can look back at their annual disclosures and see how high their accounts receivable were and whether or not they crept up over time. Companies who have a difficult time collecting money owed to them will have a much higher number than the industry average. I highly recommend reading the annual financial report of at least one publicly traded company in the market you wish to enter. They’ll provide a lot of the information you need with relatively little time and effort compared to finding that same information on your own.

With a plan and quality research, you’ll be able to set yourself on the road with the most likely success. Following the suggestions in this essay you can better understand what’s happening to your business and why. Keeping credit small at first and establishing reliable income from the start will give you a massive head start. I wish you all the best!

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