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Is a Career in Data Analytics Right for You?

Data analytics is a buzz word right now. The world is awash with data. Every time you access a website or check your Facebook feed, you are creating a stream of data. Companies use this data to target you with ads, amongst other things. It’s complex stuff, but someone somewhere has the job of analyzing all the data generated.

Business and data analysts, typically people with an online master of science in analytics, or the equivalent, are the guys whose job is it to crunch the data. It isn’t a career that suits everyone, so don’t start making plans to apply for an MSA program online at Villanova University just yet. However, if you have the right attributes, this could be a worthwhile career choice.

Different Types of Job

Data analyst covers a wide range of different jobs. For example, you can specialize in business analytics or move more into the computer science field, where a predictive analytics position might appeal. Consider what your existing skillset is, and what your background is. If you have worked in retail, for example, you may prefer to work as a data architect for a large retail company, but if you are more interested in computer algorithms, a predictive analytics role might be a better fit.

Demand is Rising

Data and business analytics degrees are in demand from employers. There are not many educational institutions offering masters programs in data analytics, so competition for places is hard. Of the students who are lucky enough to be accepted on to a master’s program of study, a job offer at the end of the course is virtually guaranteed.

High Pay Checks and Bonuses

Employers are happy to offer six figure salaries for right candidate. Businesses need employees with quantitative skills, so they are willing to provide excellent packages to secure top analytics graduates.

Students who successfully complete 10 month MSA programs at a prestigious university can expect to earn around US$100k as a starting salary. It is also common for employers to offer a signing bonus of around US$12k. With most students graduating with a huge level of debt, this level of financial reward is not to be sniffed at.

You don’t need a master’s degree to work in business and data analytics, but research has shown that a master of science in business analytics improves applicants’ chances of being offered a good job with a high level company. Most masters programs are based on the skills students need in a business environment, so it helps if you have some workplace experience before you apply for a place on a master’s course.


A master’s of science in business analytics is almost as prestigious as an MBA these days, so if you have dreams of working your way up the corporate ladder, an MSA is a smart qualification to have.

This is an exciting time for data and business analytics, as it is a growing field, so apply for your masters and consider an online MSA if you are currently working full-time.

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