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Six Tips: How to Be Successful in Business Essay Writing

Whenever you need to prepare an essay on finance, marketing, management or any other business topic, you should know how to build your paper professionally. Although you are involved into calculation, analysis and creation of revolutionary ideas related to promotion or human resource management, you should be able to present your ideas in the written form.

An essay is a basic assignment for every student who studies business. If you want to learn to complete successful business essays, these simple writing tips will be at hand.

#1: Identify the Essay Question

The most notable primary task is the creation of the best essay question. You should define the topic of your essay and its objective. What do you want to tell the reader? What is your essay about? Bear in mind that the essay question should be short and logical. In addition, it should be narrow and clear. Finally, the question should have only one definite answer. Avoid controversial and tricky research questions whereas they spoil the quality of your essay. When you brainstorm a dubious and vague essay question, the reader is confused. He does not understand what you are going to analyze. It is vital to remember about this question all the time. It is the heart of your business essay. The entire research and analysis is built around it. For instance, you ought to write about the importance of marketing mix if your essay question is based on this topic.

#2: Collect Information about Your topic and Research It

You must not write a business essay relying on your personal background knowledge. You ought to go to the library or use the Internet sources in order to collect information about your subject. Use books and articles of the most credible authors to enrich your text with sensible and thought provoking arguments and counterarguments. Research your topic from different sides. Whenever you have a controversial or disputable issue, you cannot observe it from the one angle. Analyze it from several sides. Look for several points of view and compare the ideas of two or three most reputable authors. You should also spend time on the selection of the right authors. Some books and periodicals are out-of-date and it is unwise to utilize them while writing a business essay on something relevant. Read only worthy sources that can teach you something new and useful. When you choose several sources and authors, research them. Group their concepts and approach towards business according to the specific categories. Find similarities and differences between their points of view. Choose your favorite ideas and build the main body of your essay wisely.

#3: Make a Good Outline

It is smart to plan your essay profoundly. Inexperienced students write their business essays chaotically. Wise students know that logical structure is the key to success. A well-organized essay is understandable and captive. The reader will not waste much time to grab the main idea and the major arguments that answer the essay question. Begin your essay on business with the introduction, develop it with the main body and summarize it with the splendid conclusion. Start your research from the least important points, categories and arguments. Attract the reader’s attention gradually. Put the most newsworthy and valuable positions in the final paragraphs of the main body. Therefore, plan the entire essay attentively and place every position in the reasonable logical order.

#4: Make a Sound Introduction

Attract the reader’s attention with the help of a good introduction. This foremost paragraph of your business essay should point at the chosen topic and dwell on its relevance and importance. You can insert several facts about management or finance to emphasize the value of your short research. You can apply statistics and engrossing facts about business and marketing to make the reader interested in the continuation of your analysis.

#5: Observe Your Findings

The main paragraphs of a business essay are connected with the findings of your research. When you read several books or articles, you can present your own reflections about your issue. Show the major theories and points of view about your problem. Focus on their similarities and differences. Evaluate their usefulness and effectiveness. If you research the usefulness of the methods of promotion, analyze every method and group them from the least to the most effective ones. When you analyze the specific business plan of the definite company, dwell on its strong and weak sides. In the end, you can share your personal opinion about the problem with the reader. However, there are essays that do not require your point of view. They are strictly descriptive and objective.

#6: Conclude Your Business Essay

When you are through with the analysis of your subject, it is time to summarize it delicately. You can enumerate the main points mentioned in the text or provide the reader with the open ending. Do not forget to cite every quotation and prepare a short bibliography section enumerating the sources used for writing a paper in business.


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