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The Benefits of a Suburban Office

Times can be hard for businesses of all sizes, from tiny little start-ups to nationally and even internationally-established enterprises. Most companies are looking for ways to make savings, especially ways that don’t involve redundancies. One of the best ways companies can achieve this aim is to move out of the city and into the ‘burbs. It might seem like a big move, or even a backing-down, but once the significantly lower cost of office space rentals kicks in, it’ll look a lot more attractive! Not only are the costs lower, though, there are a few more advantages to escaping The Big Smoke.

The suburbs aren’t actually on the moon…

…despite rumours to the contrary. The new office can still be within easy reach of the city, especially if that city is London! Commercial lettings agents like 329 Bracknell can offer businesses all the perks of a London office for less money. And, we have the internet! This means on-the-spot meetings can be conducted online, saving money and carbon.

The money saved on rent every month can be used for something beneficial for the business; maybe that relocation means everyone will finally get their PCs upgraded. Or, it could be saved to provide a cushion for a rainy day – or quarter. Lower rent gives businesses more breathing and growing space, month after month.

Much more space

Some inner-city offices are crammed into repurposed warehouses, or even over a row of shops, and while these places are great, there’s no denying that they can be poky. Suburban office facilities are usually purpose-built, which means that they’re huge compared to London’s offerings. Only the hardcore urbanite workers won’t appreciate this (and even they’ll come round eventually – just let them have a graffiti wall and sell them nasty coffee at £4.00 a pop…) and most of your staff will love the extra green space outside. There may even be trees and a pond to relax by. Natural light and green spaces outside an office make people calmer and more productive – it’s a fact.

No more car-parking hassle

Suburban offices tend to have much better parking facilities than inner city ones and this can actually mean out-of-town visitors are more, rather than less, likely. For a start, they’re not so reliant on bus or train timetables (many people prefer public transport to visit London offices) and secondly, driving is cheaper, especially if the parking is free. Additionally, staff members might be happier to work later if they don’t have to bus home in the evenings. Everyone’s a winner.


The lure of the suburbs

Some staff will follow the company’s lead and move to the ‘burbs as well. They’ll be happier with reduced living costs and may be less likely to be poached by a swanky London rival offering them a huge salary increase.

To sum up…

While relocating to the suburbs might not work for every business out there, it will work well for most. The benefits are real – you can see them on a balance sheet – and your employees will feel them in salary increases or an extra bonus here and there, so it’s well worth thinking about.


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