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The Itsy-Bitsy Eatery

5 Tips For Making the Most Out of Small Spaces

With skyrocketing real estate prices, space has never come at such a premium.

Many homes and businesses are not just ‘making-do’ with available spaces, they’re using the current trend for small homes and bespoke eateries to their advantage.

Luckily, there are plenty of steps you can take to make sure you make the most out of your small space. Here are 5 bite-sized tips to help you keep your itsy-bitsy eatery larger than life.

Downsize Your Dishes

When space comes at a premium, the last thing you want to do is waste it on something boring and utilitarian like appliances. Luckily, modern commercial kitchen appliances are smarter, sleeker and smaller than ever. Norris Dishwashers have a range of underbench dishwashers which are easily incorporated into the miniscule spaces of your kitchen – with no need to redesign or expensively adapt your space to suit.

Choosing the right equipment for the right task will save you money, time, and headaches.

Some appliances are even undertaking multiple tasks. Newer fridges are often bolstered by the presences of ice machines and internet connectivity, allowing the use of multiple functions on a minimal amount of floorspace.

Window Of Opportunity

Q: When your indoor space closes up, what do you do?

A: Open the window of opportunity!

Smart small eateries are converting their conveniently located streetside windows into walk-by coffee stations, where passers-by can grab a coffee and a snack while walking past, without the inconvenience of having to line-up or wait for a table. For tiny spaces, this is a godsend, as it allows for greater production of consumables without paying a premium for floorspace.

Skip The Queue

On a similar theme to the streetside windows mentioned above, we’ve recently experienced a boom in smartphone apps like Skip, which offer customers a convenient service where they can order their food and drinks ahead of time, effectively allowing them to skip the queue. For small eateries, allowing customers to use these apps to order ahead of time leads to less people waiting in-store. This in turn frees up more space, and helps in-store diners feel less claustrophobic.

Smart Storage

Another clever idea making its way into homes and business is multi-use furniture.

Often seen as a part of the ‘small homes’ movement, multi-use furniture is furniture which has more than one primary use. For example, bench seating with storage space built into the base of the benches (for a cafe, this could be used for storing napery, glasses, dry/non-perishable supplies).

Multi-use furniture is modern, stylish and a complete no-brainer for an itsy-bitsy eatery trying to save on space.

Foldaway Furniture

This tip is a tried and tested method for homes where space is an issue.

Fold away tables and chairs are convenient, modular, and able to be easily set-up and stored – important for the busy cafe or restaurant. This allows eateries to customise the amount of space taken up by tables according to projected customer numbers and bookings. It also means that the layout of the space is flexible and changeable – meaning that your space can be used differently for functions, parties and private dining. Convenient indeed!

There’s never been a better time to try and keep it small and simple.

Appliances, furniture and apps all work synergistically to help keep your small space well-organised and clutter-free. On top of this, our current obsession with downsizing and minimising our living and leisure spaces has led to tiny spaces becoming trendy. Perhaps the old adage was true after all; good things come in small packages.

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