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Virtual Offices: Benefits and Considerations

With the ever-advancing developments in technology, stakeholder communication is easier than ever before. Business connections are no longer just managed on a face-to-face basis, as companies can rely on technologies such as Skype and GoToMeeting to liaise with their clients from wherever they are. Thus allowing communication to be seamless, and relationships to be strengthened even at a distance.

Therefore with the progression of communication technology and with the popular rise in businesses choosing virtual offices, such as Servcorp, it seems relevant to discuss the pros as well as some considerations as to whether this business solutions is right one for you.


Whether your business is a start up or a well-established organisation, reducing business costs will always be beneficial to the company. Therefore decreasing your business overheads by doing away with the brick and mortar lease will really free up business cash flow. The diminishing overhead costs such as; office rent, utilities, technology and full-time staff reductions can be a huge advantage to certain business models. Depending on your previous rental agreement, moving to a virtual office could save your company thousands of dollars per month and this saving could be used in a number of different ways to grow the business further.

Another advantage, that was touched upon briefly, is the reduction in both fulltime and contract staff members. As there will no longer be a brick and mortar office building, which requires front desk staff, security or cleaners, your contractual obligations will be reduced further. Most reputable providers, dependant on the packages available, will include a receptionist or shared administration staff if or when required. A dedicated receptionist will answer the telephones with your business greeting and forward your calls to multiple locations as required. The necessary personal touches are still available, but with the added benefit of a rolling contract and a reduction in costs.

Working remotely has also been seen to increase productivity, as there is no time associated with commuting to and from the office. As on average commuting can total one to two hours per day, and in some cases a lot more. Therefore employees will have free time in the morning and evenings and are more likely to work longer to get a task done completed before logging off for the day.


One of the more obvious considerations would be a lack of a physical space to allow you to liaise with your clients or hold meetings. However this is a misconception, as certain companies now offer different package tiers for their virtual offices. These include access to meeting rooms, shared administration and reception staff, as well as co-working spaces over the course of the month. Therefore a good practice to adopt is to make sure all meetings are organised in advance, and diaries are updated regularly.

Another consideration to working remotely is a certain lack of social interaction between staff members. Although communication technology has advanced two fold, the benefits of face-to-face communication should not be underestimated. With this being said for many businesses this is not an issue, as there is no need or benefit in having team communication, as some roles are solely independent.


In short, when it comes to selecting an office for your business, you should take time to carefully consider your options and how much you would use an office for client meetings. Be sure to also factor into account the financial viability of leasing office space, versus operating your business remotely. With a flexible monthly contract and additional benefits of boardroom access, a virtual office could well be a cost-effective solution to running your business, as it will free up funds within the business and enable you to reinvest into other areas of the business to grow the business further.

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