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Micro businesses are rocking the UK economy

Micro businesses, those that employ between 0 and 9, account for around 93% of all businesses in the UK and generate nearly 19% of the total UK economy; so why do only 6% of micro business owners feel they are supported by Government?

The answer is simple: Government are only interested in those that are starting up, creating jobs or registered for V.A.T. and the majority of micro business owners do not fit into either one or all of these categories. Many self-employed people are happy working either on their own or employing a couple of staff to support them in what is often referred to as a ‘life style business’. Generating enough income to ensure you meet your own personal survival needs, enjoying being your own boss or working for family perks; nice car, sunshine holidays, picking the children up from school do not measure on the ‘Business Importance O’Meter’ of the UK Government.

Frustrated with this whole attitude and driven by a passion for micro business that stems back decades, more decades than they would like to admit, Tina Boden and Tony Robinson set out on a mission in 2011 to make life in micro business better and fairer and on Tina’s birthday in January 2012 Enterprise Rockers was launched. Having listened to one of the Rockers Band Leaders, Andy Peers, quote the line ‘Build it and they will come’ from the film Field of Dreams, Tina and Tony did just that. No Government funding, no bank or corporate organisation sponsorship just a belief that something had to change, a small investment of their own money and the foundations for this community interest company were laid.

Tina and Tony knew when they first started talking about Enterprise Rockers that it was not about a couple of individuals wanting to see things done differently; it was about those that employed between 0 and 9 coming together to form a band and create the ‘Power of Plenty’. A lone voice in the wilderness will struggle to be heard but a group of people rejoicing about the great things they do will get people listening.

So, how do they intend to fulfill their aspiration of becoming the largest self-help community for micro businesses you might ask and any one of the Band Leaders will be happy to tell you:

They encourage micro business owners to trade with each other.
They encourage consumers to buy goods and services from micro businesses.
They encourage micro businesses to collaborate with each other to create opportunities.
They develop productive relationships with larger organisations.
They ensure micro business owners get the support they need from current or former micro business owners giving them the skills to survive and thrive.
They encourage all generations to understand that self-employment is a great form of employment.
They work to ensure life for micro business owners is enjoyable.

The Enterprise Rockers movement is already connected to over 25,000 people through social media networks, gigs in local communities, promotion at events and linking with other networks, campaigns and organisations that have the interests of micro business owners at their heart. Tina and Tony are starting to believe that their light hearted, simplistic approach encouraging inclusion for everyone is what those employing between 0 and 9 in the UK want; it is not rocket science it is just about having a voice that is listened to and a business that is recognised for the benefits it is bringing to the people involved in running it, even if that is only 1 person, and the economy it is part of.

Government are primarily interested in start ups that will become major employers and existing businesses that they back to grow rapidly, particularly in hi-tech products and services. Enterprise Rockers firmly believe it is about giving everyone the opportunity to start up, survive and grow and that ‘picking and backing winners’ does not work and undervalues that out of every 100 start ups, 85 can survive over 3 years with the right help and 6 will become substantial businesses; at start up who knows which 6 that will be.

Micro businesses owners see the benefits of being involved with a band of people that are doing it for themselves and ensuring they are rocking the UK economy through the Power of Plenty; with a little help from the leaders of Enterprise Rockers there is no reason why this great band of people cannot be seen as the chart topping success that they are and set the Government record straight.

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