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Crowdfunding – Even better than free money?

Jessie J hit the No1 spot in the UK charts singing “It’s not about the money” – and when it comes to crowdfunding, she’s absolutely right. Today we tell you why crowdfunding is about so much more than cold, hard cash. Also, we have this week’s hottest projects and the latest news from the world of crowdfunding.

What could be better than ‘free money’? 

Crowdfunding is better than the banks, better than startup-loans, better than Angels or VCs, better even than ‘free money’. But how could it be better than ‘free money’?

Five Reasons Crowdfunding is the Best Funding for many Ventures

You can launch a business:

1. Without incurring any debt

2. Without losing any equity – none

3. With a full order book

4. Fully funded

5. With a crowd of eager customers who will vie to be your best advocates

That’s right. No debt. Little or no risk – apart from your time and effort. No investors or bank managers on your back. With the funding you need and a support group that you know will buy from you AND help you refine your offering. Because they have already.

How do you succeed? Are there secrets to success? Yes – but they’re not secrets – they’re ‘out there’ and not as difficult to find as you’d probably expect. We’ll show you.

On UK National Crowdfunding Day, 1st Nov. at the Crowdfunding: Deep Impact conference we will be discussing the potential for Crowdfunding to transform entrepreneurialism in the UK. We’ll also be hearing from successful crowdfunders as well as exploring the opportunities Crowdfunding is creating and the way it’s changing the business landscape.

We’ll see you there!

Words by Barry E James, Britain’s leading commentator on all things crowdfunding

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