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Whistle while you work

Nearly half of Britain’s workforce told to whistle for a gift from their employer at Christmas, according to a survey of 7,000 workers by Argos for Business

  •          42.7% of Britons don’t receive a gift from their employer at Christmas
  •        Workers in the South East are the least likely to receive a Christmas gift from their employer
  •        More than a third (39.5%) of workers would choose to receive shopping vouchers
  •        The percentage of men receiving a gift from their employer is 12.6% greater than female employees

A survey commissioned by Argos for Business – a leading provider of merchandise, incentive and motivation solutions for businesses and organisations – polled over 7,000 people from across Britain’s workforce about the Christmas rewards they receive, with astonishing results.

Out of those questioned, 42.7% said they received no gift at all from their boss at Christmas.

Of those who did not receive a gift, regionally it was employees in the South East who fared the worst, with 20.5% reportedly never receiving a yuletide reward for their hard work, followed by 16.7% in the Midlands, 14.3% in the North West, and 11.4% in the North East.

The gender gap is also apparent in the findings; 56.3% of those who said that they receive no reward from their boss at Christmas were women, compared with 43.7% of men.

When asked about the kind of gift they would like to receive from their employer, retail vouchers were at the top of the wish list for many employees, with more than a third (39.5%) saying this would allow them to choose their perfect present themselves.

This was closely followed by employees who said that an extra days holiday would be their dream gift (31.7%), with products such as food hampers and iPads (15.3%) and experiences, such as spa days (5.1%) coming in at third and fourth place respectively.

The flexibility awarded by retail vouchers, allowing the employee to choose a gift that suits their own needs and desires is key. The importance of this becomes even more apparent when you look at the kind of gifts that were not well received by employees; the survey asked participants to name the strangest gift they had ever received from an employer with responses including an out of date Easter egg, cat food for an employee without a cat, and a hairdressers voucher – given to a bald male employee.

Commenting on the findings, Danny Clenaghan, Managing Director of Argos for Business, said: “Motivated employees should be at the heart of every business, however our survey clearly shows that a large percentage of Britain’s workers are never rewarded at Christmas for all their hard work throughout the year.

“While the economic climate of the past few years has understandably seen employers cutting back on costs, it is important to bear in mind that an engaged and driven workforce is more efficient, producing better results not only for the individual but for the company as a whole.

“Rewarding good work helps employees feel more valued and thanked for a job well done, over and above their salary.”

It’s not all doom and gloom for Britain’s workforce though. For those employers who did choose to reward their staff at Christmas, 25% admitted to spending between £21 and £50 on each gift, followed by 20.5% who spent between £51 and £100 treating team members, while a generous 15% of British bosses shell out between £101 and £500 showing staff that they care.

Mr Clenaghan added: “Staff incentives can often be viewed as an additional expense that employers could do without, but with so many options available from gift cards, to reloadable reward cards or even just one-off gifts, it has never been easier to put a reward and incentive scheme in place to show staff just how integral they are to the business.

“Incentives encourage employees to maintain excellent standards, which in turn impacts positively on a business’ bottom line, with Christmas presenting the perfect opportunity for those businesses that do not have a reward system in place throughout the year to show staff that their hard work is appreciated.

“At Argos for Business, we offer our staff a range of benefits throughout the year, designed to boost morale and strengthen staff relations through team experiences on an on-going basis.  These include performance bonuses, discounts on Argos and Homebase products and a contribution to a staff Christmas party to ensure that everybody feels rewarded. We also hold seasonal inter-department competitions and teambuilding exercises to bring employees together and encourage interaction.

“Depending on the option you’re considering for your staff, making sure that rewards and recognition remunerations – such as Christmas gifts – are separate to the monthly payroll is particularly important as it means that these are then seen as a genuine added benefit; rather than being absorbed into their day-to-day bank balance, as can often be the case with pay increases and traditional bonuses.”

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