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8 Top Tips from Successful Franchisors!

We’ve rounded up a list of the franchising tips from some of the best in the world of UK franchising for those who want to improve their own franchising efforts…

Top tip: “If you are going to run your own business, make sure that it is doing something you are passionate about and will enjoy. If you’re planning to buy a franchise make sure you speak to existing franchisees about their experience of running the business.”

From; Jim Suswain

Company: Wagging Tails

Twitter: @WTfranchise

Top Tip: “Online comes first” – get your online marketing message straight before you start any of the more traditional offline marketing methods. If you distribute a leaflet or send a direct mail piece, a good number of your target audience are going to turn to the web to check you out and make sure you are who you say you are. If you have a poor website, don’t have one at all, or your facebook page features uninspiring comments from customers that you haven’t addressed, it won’t matter how well designed your leaflet or how well written your direct mail letter is.

From: Hannah Banfield

Company: ServiceMaster Limited


Twitter: @SM_Franchises

Top Tip: Be enthusiastic about your business – it’s infectious; never ignore your ‘gut feeling’; network with the franchise industry, there are many gems to be collected; join the bfa and work to help keep franchising ethical, and finally, invest in great PR, people love to read about you everywhere!

From: Louise Harris

Company: Wilkins Chimney Sweep


Twitter: @chimneysweepWCS

Top Tip: be picky about who you take on as a franchisee. They’re the face of your brand!

From: Anne-Marie Martin

Company: Diddi dance


Twitter: @Diddifranchise

Top Tip: If you have an issue with a franchisee phone them to resolve it – don’t rely on communication via emails as they can be misconstrued.

From: Karen Sherr

Company: Musical Minis Ltd


Twitter: @KarenSherr

Top Tip: Make sure you have enough funds for marketing; accept that your franchisees will never be like you; try and encourage camaraderie between the franchisees; don’t worry about the competition instead concentrate your energies on your own business

From: Mandy Baggot

Company: Cloud Bookkeeping


Twitter: @cloudbookkeep

Top Tip: List your skills and evaluate how well you perform each. List your weakness, those things you don’t want to do or would want to hire someone else to do in a business

From: Jo Stone

Company: PuddleDucks


Twitter: @PuddletheDuck

Top Tip: ‘Protect your Brand. Ensure franchise owners understand that they represent and replicate the Brand. Ensure robust procedures are in place to monitor standards & update ‘The Manual’. 

From: Linda Price

Company: Swimtime UK Ltd


Twitter: @SwimtimeGroup

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