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Setting Out On Your Own: Choosing the Right Office Space

There’s so much to consider when choosing an office space for your business.  Building regulations, energy efficiency, furniture – the list goes on.  To keep things simple, here are 3 essential things to consider when choosing your new office.

Consider the Location

Any estate agent will tell you that location is paramount.  In particular, you should pay attention to:

  • The commute your employees will have to endure.  Will they have to walk a mile from the nearest bus stop or train station?  Will they have to drive through a congested town centre during rush hour to get to work?
  • The image and reputation of the local area.  No matter how professional your business looks, being surrounded by boarded-up windows is going to have an effect on visiting clients.  And setting up in a high-risk neighbourhood might have an effect on the cost of your office insurance cover.
  • The local competition.  If you’re an online business, this might not matter as much.  But if you’re setting up an office on a high street, you need to be make sure your neighbours aren’t going to have a negative impact on your revenue.


Consider Your Employees

Setting up an office can be costly.  It can be tempting to avoid or reduce as many costs as possible.  But if your workforce isn’t happy where they work, they won’t do their best work. They need:

  • Ample space.  That means space to walk around, space to have privacy, and space to store their belongings, as well as your office supplies.
  • Security.  Does the building have a security guard and cameras?  Will your employees have access to the building late at night when those difficult deadlines approach?
  • Quiet. Is the building located on a busy road with lots of traffic?  Does your office have double-glazed windows to keep your workplace distraction-free?
  • Comfort.  Does the building have air conditioning to control and provide legal levels of heating? Is it light and inspiring or dark and demoralising? Does it have lifts, kitchen facilities, convenient parking or disabled access?


Consider the Future

The time may come when you need to start hiring new talent.  So you’ll need an office that has enough space to accommodate them without making the rest of your team feel cramped.

You’ll also need to consider technical facilities: can your office accommodate a growing number of phone lines, internet connections, storage areas, or parking spaces?

You might not have a particularly large enterprise at the moment. But if you don’t prepare for growth now, you might encounter many difficulties later on.




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