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Overcome your fear and realise your dreams for 2014

What is the difference between those who set up their own business and those who don’t?

There are many possible answers; but in truth, there is one big difference: those who set up their own business have an internal drive to do so and for it to succeed.

We all have an internal voice which chats away all day long, giving running commentary on things and people we encounter, having an opinion on what we’re personally capable of and influencing how we interact with the world. Some of us are conscious of this internal dialogue and some not so. But those who set up their own business not only pay attention to it, they master and use it to help achieve the things they want.

The fore-runner of car manufacturing, Henry Ford, is noted for saying “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, either way you are right.” In other words, what we think or believe influences what we get back. If you wallow in negative thoughts, or succumb to the fears that life or people throw up to block you then you aren’t going to take the leap and realise your dreams. You have to visualise what you want and believe you can have it. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb, is reported to have failed thousands of times in his efforts to make a light bulb that worked; but he never gave up. You see, he believed he could do it and was intent on realising his dream.

So, if you think you can start your own business the chances are that you are more likely to, and conversely, if you think you can’t (for whatever reason) that is what you are most likely to manifest as the truth.

But let me ask another question; what is fear?

Fear is an instinct developed over millions of years to protect us from dangerous situations, and in that respect it is rational and useful, especially when we are faced with actual danger. However, we have allowed fear to develop beyond that of actual danger into fear of perceived danger; and it is this perceived danger that stops many of us from realising our dreams.

If we allow our internal dialogue to persuade us that a perceived threat is sufficient to stop us doing something, like setting up our own business, then we won’t do it. But those who set up in business don’t allow such internal conversation to become believable. In fact, the entrepreneur has an instinct that challenges accepted or perceived beliefs about what is and isn’t possible. And where there is a genuine and believable challenge, they look for ways around it, for alternatives to overcome such obstacles.

Here are some tips to help move you into an entrepreneurial mindset, to make the dream of starting your own business come true:

  • Pay attention to the voice inside your head. Is what it saying worthwhile; is it helping or hindering you?
  • If the voice is hindering, ask questions that seek justification, look for proof. If there are worthwhile reasons for not going ahead, then at least you now know what they are and can look for ways to work around or overcome them.
  • Develop desire. Desire is the fuel that drives us to create what we want. If you want something about your situation to be different, you have to desire the difference. When we desire something we usually end up doing whatever it takes to achieve that which we desire.

  • Believe you can. Belief is extremely powerful and enables us to step beyond self-imposed limitations and discover what we are capable of. Belief keeps you focused, it wakes you with drive each morning and lifts you when you get knocked back. Believe you:
    • Have what it takes to succeed
    • Deserve the rewards that come from stepping outside of limitations
    • Are successful
    • Obstacles won’t get in your way

Make 2014 the year you overcome your fear and realise your dreams.

Words By Adrian Kirk, author of Pieces of the Possible – How to commit to change, £9.99 from Amazon.


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