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The Simplicity Project

A new pledge to cut ‘to-do’ lists by 90% and achieve more with less…

I took a lot of time out of my business over the summer holidays to spend some time with my kids. As is often the way when you get a chance to take step back, I’ve had lots of time to do some reading and thinking, and reflect on a lot of changes that have happened on both a personal level and a business level this year.

One of the things that became clear to me during this period of reflection was that my life and my business are way too complicated! So is my life and that of my family too. My kids are over scheduled and we are constantly running from activity to activity; I’m finding myself running to do the school run, finishing my work, running to do the school run again, all with my hair flying all over the place! There isn’t any break between juggling the demands of being both a mum and being a business owner and so my life is just one dash to the next!

Within my business, I’ve realised the process of improving and enhancing what I offer is that I’ve now reached the point where I’ve got too many different products that I offer, ways of offering those people and ways of bringing in new business. I’ve learnt that my business is great at creating systems and processes but we’ve now got too many of those as well. The result of this is too much noise and because of this I have made a big decision, probably the biggest I’ve made in my business so far; I’m just going to stop, and I’m going to start simplifying.

One of the other things that has been really playing on my mind as a result of this ‘epiphany’, is the role of women in our economy. If women want to be at the top of organisations and have positions of power in this country, trying to fight their way up within a corporate organisation is all well and good if that’s your thing to do. However, I think the more proactive approach is to create their own businesses.

There are far too many wasted opportunities with women who are not going back to work after having children because they feel under confident, under competent and under skilled to get back into the workplace. They are desperate to use the intelligence and work experience gained before they had children – but the time out has left them worried  about getting back into the traditional corporate environment. For these women, I think that there is such an opportunity there to create a business, and become an expect in their field – whilst also working in a lifestyle that is adaptable to them.

I feel like we now have a real opportunity to create businesses and fill the economy with a new style of business that works in a totally different way from the male corporate ladder, that are flexible, have different ethos’ and mentality towards how clients and team members are attracted and served.

Traditional business models, time management and productivity training just isn’t going to cut it for a many women. As an example, I was recently on a program where we were talking about creating a daily success ritual. The idea behind it was first thing you get up in the morning, before you do anything else in the day you’ll maybe do some exercise, you do some quiet time, some thinking, maybe some writing and reflecting – getting yourself really grounded for the business day ahead of you. That’s all very raw, but if you are like me; I’ve got three children up to the age of 9. I’ve got two hours of running around shouting and screaming, getting kids in the right shoes, with the right clothes on, out the door with the right bags, all before my work day even begins. So strategies like that aren’t practical whatsoever.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to start a simplicity project; I’m going to be creating various projects to simplify and cut back what I am doing in my lifestyle and in my business as well. I’m going to decrease my to-do list by 90% and do a few things really well rather than many things with mediocrity. I’m also going to work out the simple ways of doing marketing, running my business, and using my team and people around me to help me grow in business and getter better results with regards to parenting.

I’m going to be sharing my experience, my journey so you can learn from my tips and my experiences. As I go I am going to be posting home made videos and blog articles. I’ll be sharing with you some amazing books that I have been reading on the journey that have really helped inform me. Some of these ideas are so quick to implement; I’ve been home from holiday for 4 days, and I have already substantially reduced my to-do list. I just cannot tell you how amazing it feels to know I just don’t need to do certain things anymore.

There are too many choices, too many marketing techniques, strategies, and information in our world. I believe that for many of you, it is the overwhelm that is holding you back.

Words by Nicola Bird. Find out more about The Simplicity Project at

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