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Diary of an Entrepreneur: Darren Fell

Serial entrepreneur Darren Fell left the world of corporate telecoms to start his own business, which he enjoyed so much he’s did it all over again, with online accountancy firm! We took a look at a typical day in business.

7am – I’m a bit of a night owl so my alarm is set a little later than many entrepreneurs. I start the day like most – with a coffee. I get mine from my favourite cafe (Small Batch – a real Brighton institution), catch up on the news and work through some emails.

9am – I’m lucky enough to live just up the road from the Crunch offices (one of my shrewdest business choices!) so my walk to work only takes five minutes. We have a totally open-plan office, so I always take a minute to catch up with the teams when I arrive.

10.30am – Being MD as well as Founder, much of my day consists of meetings – be it with potential or existing suppliers, business partners, or something totally out of the ordinary – we had a member of the House of Lords visit last week!

1pm – Lunch is usually a working one, with a meal at my desk, accompanied by catching up with the sales and marketing departments, two teams I work closely with day-to-day.

3pm – Most afternoons I spend time with my fellow directors assessing our key metrics and seeing what needs improving. This kind of analytical thinking is hugely important when operating a business at scale.

5pm – At the end of the day I usually clear my inbox again and have a catch-up with our investors – one of whom lives in Switzerland – to let them know how we’re doing.

6pm – After over-working myself last year, I decided to try yoga and I’m now firmly addicted to my evening classes. I also enjoy speaking at business events or mentoring – I really love helping others map out their businesses and seeing them grow!

9pm – After dinner I usually try to fit in some relaxation time. Of course sometimes inspiration strikes and I’ll whip open my laptop and work until 3am, but I’m getting better at keeping regular hours!

You can get in touch with Darren on Twitter (@darrenfell), or visit to learn more about Crunch’s online accountancy service 

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