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Internet Security

Protect your online business interests

Maintaining high levels of website security is vitally important but when the website is associated to a business, the need becomes even greater.

A high percentage of business activity is carried out online and transactions involving credit card details and bank account information are often used as a result. Additionally, sensitive or critical information related to a business is often stored online which gives hackers the opportunity to access it if appropriate security measures are not in place.

It is with this in mind that businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to invest in and maintain efficient security protection that is up-to-date.

Code against hackers

Each website on the Internet is hosted by a server. The server effectively connects a person’s website or network to the rest of the online world. This gives hackers the opportunity to access information that is stored on the website. There are many aspects that affect the probability of a successful hack.

During the design of the website itself, coding should be used to protect the possibility of hacking. Regular maintenance of the server itself and a high level of care during system updates can also reduce the chance of having the website or network hacked.

Test for errors

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the risks involved with shopping online. There is a rising level of hesitancy and concern from consumers who are required to enter their credit card or bank account details when making a purchase.

Thankfully, there are companies that specialise in website security services and penetration testing. Companies such as NCC provide businesses with the opportunity to eliminate the risk of online theft through a variety of security measures.

Additionally, NCC can provide businesses with a website performance monitoring service which effectively enables them to report errors, some of which can be the result of a security breach.

Gain trust with vigilance

As online crime continues to increase, the need for tighter levels of online security and protection is vitally important. It is advisable to regularly carry out security and penetration testing techniques to ensure that your website is as secure as possible.

By identifying the possible risks, relevant security measures can be implemented to protect the website, the customers and also the business itself. Businesses that operate an efficient and secure website or network will quickly enhance their reputations and gain the trust of online consumers.

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