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Two thirds of Britons wish to use new trade domain names, such as .catering, .clothing and .pub

A new study, commissioned by Fasthosts Internet Ltd,,finds that British consumers are keen to adopt new domain names currently being launched in order to make the Internet less crowded.  The research of 2000 UK consumers finds that 37 per cent regularly encounters problems identifying companies on the Internet. Some 66 per cent of Britons now want companies to implement business sector specific domains for their websites.  

Three quarters of Britons believe there will be benefits to their using business sector related domains such as .catering, .clothing and .pub.  1 in 3 expect their use of search engines to become improved, and web browsing to be quicker overall. Roughly two thirds of consumers (66 per cent) wish for businesses to adopt business sector domains promptly, with most support seen in Northern Ireland, where this rises to 77 per cent.

Furthermore, the study finds the strong demand for regional identity within the British Isles, 58 per cent overall, with the strongest being from Scottish consumers, where 71 per cent admit they are more likely to buy from a firm that used a .SCOT web address.  44 per cent of Welsh consumers already expect the use of .WALES domains to speed up their finding of local businesses.  1 in 3 consumers say that they always prefer to use local firms, even when buying on the Internet.

Providing valuable opportunities for how businesses can represent their web identity, up to 1000 new domain endings are being launched across themes including geographical location, subject area, business sector and website type.  Fasthosts recommends that businesses begin to research the new domain types that may be relevant to them.  In time, most businesses will see positive impacts from holding a small portfolio of domains that includes their business type and location, as well as the most established domains such as and .com.

Simon Yeoman, General Manager, Fasthosts Internet Ltd,, comments, “The data suggests growing awareness and enthusiasm for the new top-level-domains being introduced. Consumers already recognise benefits to their being able to quickly identify the purpose or location of a business just from its web address.  It is vital that UK firms are aware of new domains becoming available to them, and begin to think about which options could make the best impact for them – be it for their marketing, online branding or SEO”.

Internet Psychologist, Graham Jones,, believes that new geographical domain names such as .LONDON will have an important role to play in how we browse the Internet in the years ahead. He said, “Most people use the Internet locally – looking for local suppliers. Indeed, even for social networking sites, the average distance between people is around 6km. As the majority of Internet activity is focused locally, regional domains will be very important. Being able to instantly associate a website with our own regional identity is likely to appeal to consumers”.

The research comes just weeks ahead of the General Availability launch of the .LONDON domain on  September 9th, available to pre-order now from Fasthosts. Domain name registrars such as Fasthosts are also accepting expressions of interest for the .SCOT domain to be launched in September, and .WALES to follow in early 2015.

Priced from £1.99/year+VAT, Fasthosts offers a comprehensive range of  business and personal  domains, and the facility to pre-order for many more coming to the market soon. As a leading hosting provider, further services include web hosting, servers, email, online backup solutions and reseller services. Fasthosts, having supported UK businesses with hosting and IT expertise for over 15 years, is well placed to deliver a high quality service. More details at

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