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Toxic new game for badults, BUCKET OF DOOM, hits Kickstarter today

You’re doing 100mph when the steering wheel comes off in your hands…
You’re a baby seal and it’s clubbing season…
You wake up and you’re the backend of a human centipede…

You have eight useless objects in your hand to save your neck from 100 deadly situations just like these. What do you pick? And can you convince fellow players that your escape plan is the best?

Launching today on KickstarterBucket of Doom is the death-defying party game for badults, where players must escape from loads of seriously bad situations with the help of hundreds of seriously useless objects. If you’ve ever wondered how you’d get away from a baying bunch of militant vegans whilst wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress, with only a pigtail butt plug or some loom bands to defend yourself, well, frankly, you need professional help. But if your budget doesn’t stretch to weeks of therapy sessions, Bucket of Doom will do the trick for as little as £13 ($22) on Kickstarter.

Designed to appeal to adult table-top, card and party game fans on both sides of the pond, separate British and American editions of Bucket of Doom will go into production in the UK as soon as the £15,000 ($24,400) Kickstarter target is reached, with games planned to ship for Christmas. Bucket of Doom has been conjured up by Big Potato, an indie games company launched by the team who invented popular trivia game Linkee*.

In Bucket of Doom, a player reads out a dark and deadly scenario from a Doom Card, then all players choose one of the eight useless object cards in their hand to hatch an escape. Players vote for the best/funniest/most ridiculous plan and the person with the most votes wins the card. Aimed squarely at over-18s, Bucket of Doom features a mix of hideously bad situations, ranging from the downright daft to the potentially offensive.

Tapping into the mounting trend for games for badults, a category pretty much invented by the legendary Kickstarter success story ‘Cards Against Humanity’, Bucket of Doom feeds grown-ups’ desire for creative, open-ended play but with an added dash of the risqué. It’s the perfect game for any occasion where good friends get together (except maybe a funeral). The campaign offers Bucket of Doom at £13 ($22) for 100 early-bird backers, rising to £15 ($25). Shipping outside the UK is £5 ($8).

The Kickstarter campaign runs until October 7th. Visit the campaign page here

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