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8 ways to incorporate SMS marketing into your 2016 marketing plan


Of all the promotional tools available to brands and businesses today, such as online advertising, content marketing, and social media, few have as bigger direct impact as text messaging. After all, 70 per cent of people feel that SMS marketing is a good way for an organisation to get their attention.


But how should you be incorporating this publicity technique into your overall marketing plan for 2016? Well, here are eight ideas and options to get you started.


  1. Use SMS marketing for your entire audience

While some marketing tactics are better suited to certain demographics, text messages can be used for communicating with your entire audience, as nearly every consumer owns a mobile phone. With GlobalMessaging SMS marketing, you can reach audiences all over the world too.


  1. Schedule text messages when customers are most likely to buy

There is little to no point sending customers a discount or promotion in the middle of the night. Instead, schedule SMS marketing for when customers are most likely to buy. For example, Marks & Spencer sends out a text message promoting its dine-in-for-two meal offer when commuters are leaving work.


  1. Conduct surveys for greater engagement

In addition to sending out special offers, you can also use SMS for finding out what your customers think about the brand’s products and services. Inbound responses from the recipient can trigger the next question and work like a two-way conversation.


  1. Discover which customers are still interested in your products and services

For customers you haven’t heard from in a while, use SMS marketing to see whether they are worth pursuing anymore. If they do not respond to an actionable offer, take them off your target list and concentrate on audience members who are more likely to convert.


  1. Come up with a text-to-win contest

Seeing as text messages don’t take much effort to compose and send, they are great for launching contests and competitions. You’ll also find out which subscribers are actively interested in what your business has to offer, too.


  1. Remember to embed shortened URLs

Including a link to your website within text messages can help track consumer response but also determine how successful the SMS marketing campaign has been. However, remember to embed shortened URLs, which are more attractive and don’t use up unnecessary characters.


  1. Introduce SMS alongside other campaigns

As today’s mobile users are looking for and consuming information on a variety of different channels, it makes sense to introduce SMS alongside other marketing campaigns. For example, SMS could be an additional entry requirement for social media competitions.


  1. Be consistent with communication

 It is easy to get carried away with abbreviations when communicating via SMS. However, your language and tone should be consistent with every other marketing endeavour and the brand’s overall image. Even so, think about capitalising promotional offers and don’t feel compelled to use all of the available characters.


So, if you have yet to finalise your marketing plan for 2016, make sure that SMS is an integral part of it.

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