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How to Incorporate Offline into Your Marketing Strategy

In an era where so much emphasis is placed on the internet, you’d be forgiven for thinking that offline marketing is as dead as the dodo. But, you’d be missing a trick. Offline marketing (that is, anything that isn’t happening on the internet to promote your brand) is an extra tool at your business disposal, and should be used hand in hand with your online efforts. Here’s how you can incorporate offline into your marketing strategy…

First, go back to basics and invest in traditional resources like booklets, flyers and printed newsletters. You can make this offline method of marketing special by forwarding what your brand is about and informing your customers of your products and services. Just be sure to enlist the help of professionals to get it right by using services like booklet printing from Helloprint. That way, your marketing material will look as professional, innovative and creative as your business really is.

Also, why not buy ad space in printed materials such as local magazines and newspapers? This is particularly effective for small to medium sized enterprises, but is great for all businesses given that web-advertising could be becoming harder as customers install sophisticated ad-blockers on their devices. Ad space in printed materials will also give your business an injection of new customers, reaching those who may not be very active online.

It’s also worth designing and printing business cards to hand out to prospective customers. To incorporate them into your wider marketing strategy effectively, make sure they include icons to indicate your online presence, as well as your social media handles so that customer can look you up online if they choose to.

Be consistent with your online and offline branding so that your theme, font, logos and colours send a strong message, but above all, don’t be boring! Here are some fun ideas on Pinterest to give you a bit of inspiration. Hand business cards to individuals, but ask if you can leave some in coffee shops, libraries and gyms as well. Your customers could be anywhere!

It’s also worth showing your face once in a while. Even if you feel like a little fish in a big pond, be brave enough to attend networking events. Doing so will get your name and face known among your competitors and allies, and will prompt people to consider you as a serious player.

Why not volunteer as an expert consultant too? If you’re at all knowledgeable about something relating to your business (and, let’s not be modest, you definitely are!) then offer free or reduced-cost consultations. This will lend some gravitas and credit to your business, and establish you as a leader in your field.

Finally, sign up for guest speaking events at universities, trade shows and conferences. Some of these might be streamed online which is a great way of blending your marketing strategies together, but even if they stay away from the world wide web you’ll be meeting new faces, which counts for plenty – sometimes it’s who you know, not what you know.

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