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How to write the perfect job description

Whether you want to recruit the crème de la crème of employees independently or say via an agency specialising in call centre jobs, it’s important to write an eye-catching and attractive job description. Providing all the necessary information in the right format will help you to find suitable candidates quickly without wasting time, so here’s how to write the perfect job description:

Include essential details

Job hunting can be a drawn-out monotonous process, so put yourself in the shoes of those looking for work and make your advert as detailed yet to the point as possible. Avoid waffle and instead note down all the essential details including:

Job title and summary

First and foremost, you must think of a job title that accurately surmises the role you want your new employee to perform. This should be relevant to your industry (in other words, don’t use any fancy language that nobody has heard before) and include the level of the position you want to fill be it a junior, senior, lead or managerial role. If you are advertising on the web, you should also include relevant keywords that job hunters might use as this is a tired and tested SEO technique that will help your advert appear for specific searches.

Once you’ve got your job title nailed, you should then write a clear, punctual job summary which should succinctly describe the purpose of the job offered. Don’t go into too much detail here though – one to three sentences should be absolutely fine.

Key responsibilities

Next, make a list of responsibilities and format each one on a separate line in bullet point form. Include everything you would expect the new employee to do on a daily basis and start every responsibility with a present tense action verb.

For example:

Research social media trends

Write sales copy

Manage company blog

Update content management system

If possible, you should also detail how often each task will be performed and let the candidate know if anything else might crop up in the future, such as opportunities to work abroad or to liaise with foreign offices.

Department and supervisor

Most workplaces are separated into departments, so inform job hunters what team they will be a part of and who they will report to on a daily basis.

Skills and qualifications

In order to find the right candidate, don’t forget to make a list of the skills and qualifications you expect all applicants to have. This might include a specific (or more general) degree type, or you might simply be looking for someone with experience in a similar role. You should also differentiate between mandatory and preferred skills/qualifications to encourage as many people to apply as possible.

Information about the company

When writing a job advert, you are essentially trying to sell the company to top employees – as well as looking for the right candidate to join your team. For this reason, you should provide a snippet about the company’s goals, achievements, ethics, values, headquarters and location. You could even include links to relevant websites, as candidates can use these for essential interview preparation.

Type of employment

While some people are looking for part-time roles, others are in need of full-time employment, so be sure to write down what you are offering to avoid confusion or disappointment.

Salary/benefits packages

There’s no doubt about it; people are on the lookout for good salaries, but always be honest about what you can offer from the start and don’t make false promises about rapid promotions and pay rises if you can’t stick to them. You should also include any information about benefits/bonus packages including healthcare information and childcare vouchers, as this could be appealing to job hunters. Employers will have to enrol eligible employers into a pension scheme by 2018, so you should also mention if you have already got a quality pension plan in place.

Writing a job advert is relatively straightforward if you stick to the points above, so get your thinking cap on and try your hand at recruiting.

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