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Building an International Business: Three Top Tips to Get You Started

The world of business is changing. The last decade has seen an evolutionary overhaul in the way that commerce is conducted, as technology and machinery have simplified, streamlined, and shaped how enterprises are run.

It is this rapid expansion in technological capabilities, and the increased use of the internet, that have catalysed the explosion in international businesses. Although the overseas markets were once the domain of only the biggest and most successful ventures, this has changed fundamentally, and even the lowliest eBay seller can now access a worldwide audience.

Those with big ambitions have been quick to tap into this, and many entrepreneurs are keen to maximise the potential profits provided by their increased market. Simply making your product available to them is not enough; instead, you have to find ways to compete with local businesses. Here are three top tips to get you started…

#1: Understanding Economies

Any entrepreneur that battled against the ravages of the last recession will know that the health of a country’s economy has a huge impact on earnings. Where your customers are local, it’s easy enough to tune into consumer sentiment, and to apprehend any financial events that are likely to affect your audience. In order to do the same when you’re selling abroad, you need to have an insight into what’s to come, as one of the best ways to guard against changes in foreign markets is through advance preparation. Economic calendars from forex brokers will prove exceptionally handy in this regard, as will staying up-to-date with the local news in any country whose market you wish to tap into.

#2: Improving Ease of Use

An understanding of local economies should help you to tailor your service and increase product appeal, but few people will buy from you if they can’t understand what you’re selling, or how it’s priced. This means that translation software is a must, as are conversion tools for those who will be paying in a foreign currency. Although both can be installed through DIY methods, it’s best to leave these additions to your website to the professionals, else you risk creating a grammatically incorrect site that appears unprofessional and unworthy of custom.

#3: Creating a Reliable Couriering Service

Although some companies that trade abroad will have warehouses overseas, many will need to rely on an international couriering service, and it’s important to find a business that will enhance the reputation of your own brand. Slow delivery, damage to products, and so on will reflect very badly on your enterprise, and will make repeat custom highly unlikely, so professionalism, punctuality, and communication should all be at the top of your list of criteria. Although economy is important, it should not be given precedence, as most customers will prefer to pay a little more, and to have a package that’s delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Build a strong and profitable international enterprise today with these three top tips.

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