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Increase Energy Efficiency in the Workplace by Adding Tubular Skylights

Studies have shown, time and time again, that there’s no substitute for natural daylight. Human beings crave it, because it keeps them healthy in all manner of ways. Aside from being essential for maintaining the condition of hair, skin, and nails, it also elevates the mood and increases energy levels. These things are important no matter where we are, but they are particularly useful in the workplace.

In an office, for example, long hours can take a toll on employees. If there are no windows, it’s hard to tell what time of the day it is, so the environment can feel oddly detached from the outside world. This reduces energy levels and makes it tough to keep workers motivated. Clearly, natural light is a must not just for the mood, but for workplace productivity too.

This guide to the benefits of tubular skylights will show you how to keep your workplace sunny and illuminated even without windows.

Getting to Grips with Tubular Skylights

First things first, what are tubular skylights? Well, they’re an extremely clever lighting invention that is becoming increasingly popular with business owners. They are, essentially, a reflective tube that is installed in the roof of a building. The top of the tube is covered with a special dome. This captures natural sunlight and directs it, down the tube, to a skylight below.

So, tubular skylights actually allow natural daylight to be enjoyed even in rooms with absolutely no windows. Yes, that’s right, windows are so last year; who needs them when you these nifty commercial skylights can give you everything that you need? As they don’t rely on electrical power, they’re also incredibly energy efficient.

The Main Benefits of Tubular Skylights

The environmental and economic benefits of skylights are huge, because they help to break that dependency on electrical power. In a country like Australia, where the sun is almost always shining, the potential for limitless light means big savings on energy bills. As tubular skylights are also cheaper to install than regular skylights, they represent an extremely valuable lighting solution.

They are surprisingly easy to install too. In most cases, they require no construction work, no drywall, and no redecorating. The inner tube is simply positioned in a way that does not interfere with internal pipes or structural components. The light capturing dome redirects daylight at an angle, so that the glare is never overpowering or unpleasant. For workspaces with no windows at all, tubular skylights can transform the mood in a matter of hours.

Human beings need natural sunlight for the production of serotonin. This is what we call ‘the happy hormone,’ because it plays an important part in the regulation of mood. Without exposure to natural, workers grow despondent, operate more sluggishly, and find it harder to stay motivated. Tubular skylights can change all of this, because they provide that essential, nourishing sunlight, right through the day.

How to Choose a Reliable Skylight Installer

If you’re interested in investing in tubular skylights, you need to find an installer that is reliable and has a great reputation. The best place to start is with companies in the local area. Look for providers with lots of glowing reviews and ask around for recommendations; the best companies always have customers who are dying to spread the word.

It is useful to collect two or three quotes, from different skylight installers, so that you have a good idea of the general market price for this kind of project. However, do remember that cheapest doesn’t necessarily equal the finest quality. Consider a range of different features and qualities before you make your final choice.

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