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How to keep talent within your company

As a business it’s important you look after those talented members of your workforce to ensure they are happy, working to the best of their abilities and aren’t looking for another job any time soon. If you aren’t sure what else you can do to ensure the stability of your staff members then run through this quick list of ideas around keeping talent within your company and ensure you are doing all of these things:

Provide a training budget

For those seeking a career path within your company it’s important they feel like they have the opportunity to grow and develop and have your full support to do so. Offer a pot of money at the start of the year for them to put towards things like sales training, days out of the office at masterclasses or an online course.


It’s important employees feel like they are informed regarding important decisions in a business, so ensure you update them regularly on things like budget and any changes in the company. This also applies to staff joining and leaving as well as any changes that might affect how they work.

You should also be conveying to staff what is expected of them, as well as relaying exactly what their job description requires them to do. This way there is no confusion down the line and everyone knows what is required to ensure all members of the business remain happy.

Listening is also important. Plan in some time either on a quarterly or monthly basis where your door is open for staff to pop in and talk to you about any issues they have. An open and honest environment is one that will keep talented people engaged – just be sure to act upon the things you have discussed or keep them updated.

Provide fun

Offices don’t need to be stuffy corporate environments and while you might not want to install a ball pit, some fun additions to the workspace could keep your talented workers happy. Table tennis or pool are popular office games, while some offer to pay for lunch on a Friday or install some funky chairs and embrace a casual dress code. You know what would work best for your business and industry – introduce some fun team bonding experiences and your staff will stay happy.

Work anniversaries, birthdays and special events throughout the year should be recognised – do small things for these to show your staff that as a company you want to celebrate important things together. A cake on someone’s birthday, letting people leave a little early to watch a sporting game or dishing out a beer for your Friday meeting every so often are all great ways of keeping staff interested and engaged. Take inspiration from companies such as innocent drinks and Google.

 Reward hard work

We all want to be recognised for the hard work we do, and this is why monthly awards and simple praise go a long way in a business, encouraging those who work there to feel appreciated. Sometimes just a simple thank you email can go a long way.

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