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How to Start An Automotive Repair Business

According to the RAC, there are now more cars on UK roads than ever before. Research shows that people are keeping their vehicles for longer these days, too, which means that there’s a real opportunity for those experienced in automotive repair to create a worthwhile business in this market. Having the skills alone isn’t enough, though, so here’s what you’ll need to know to get started.

Analysing the Competition

Before you move forward with your plan, you need to find out if your local area can support your kind of business. Take into account different factors like whether most people living there drive their own vehicle or use public transport, and whether there’s any other similar businesses in the area. Competition doesn’t necessarily mean that you should halt your plans entirely, but it is worth thinking about how you plan to distinguish your business. Lower prices might seem like the most obvious solution, but what you should really be doing is thinking about what unique services only you could offer your customers.

Getting the Right Training

If you’re thinking about starting your own automotive business, you likely already have some experience in the field. If you’re entirely self-taught, though, you may benefit from undergoing secondary accreditation. This can be a valuable marketing tool, as it proves to your customers that you have the skills necessary to complete the job. IMI Accreditation is a national voluntary scheme which aims to test the competency of individuals working in the retail automotive industry. Anyone who passes the evaluation will be listed on the IMI Professional Register which makes it much easier for customers to find quality technicians.

Investing in the Necessary Equipment

Finally, after taking into account the realities of your location, you can start to think about purchasing the equipment you’ll need for the job. There’s an age-old saying that it’s only a poor craftsperson that blames his or her tools. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that tools simply don’t matter, but that a large part of being a capable craftsperson is having the ability to select the right tools for the job. SGS Engineering stock just about everything you’ll need to get started, from stocking up on the essentials to investing in more specialised tools.

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