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Quorum urges businesses to take cover against ransomware attacks

Quorum, the leader in one-click disaster recovery and business continuity, has today announced the availability of its OnQ vApp Freemium solution for up to five servers for one year from to help businesses protect themselves against the growing threat from ransomware attacks.

Ransomware is used by hackers and cyber criminals to breach existing defences and to lock files, servers or applications until the ‘ransom’ is paid. Used alongside general malware and phishing techniques which encourage users to click on a link and launch the ransomware, it is often not discovered until it has caused significant damage to the business.

“Increasingly sophisticated ransomware must be countered by an equally robust disaster recovery plan if businesses want to stay ahead of the risk”, said David Fisk, Director EMEA and APAC at Quorum. “Ransomware often hits before you even know it’s infiltrated your defences, so the best course of action is to be prepared and turn a ransomware attack into a non-event.”

The best practice defence strategy is to back up data frequently, on a cloud storage platform, with cold storage or on an external hard drive in order to quickly bring critical systems online, enabling businesses to continue to operate.

“It’s imperative that the servers that house your most important data are adequately protected which is why we are offering up to five nodes free for one year so that businesses can take action now to protect what is business-critical,” added Fisk. “Offering protection for a substantial period of time will also enable businesses to prove the reliability and robustness of onQ before rolling it out across the entire computing environment.”

Once downloaded, onQ allows businesses to quickly and easily backup physical and virtual machines, creating an exact replica of critical servers as part of a snapshot-based backup. It can be installed into existing VMware environments as a virtual appliance, eliminating the need to purchase new hardware.

In the face of an attack, onQ enables businesses to isolate affected servers, take them offline and initiate a clone of key production servers from when they were identified as ‘clean’ using the Quorum dashboard. The clone can then be run for as long as needed on onQ while production systems are cleaned. Once this is achieved, admins can then failback from onQ to production, where all changes that occurred while running on onQ are migrated back to production.

Quorum will be explaining how to sidestep ransomware threats at the ‘Don’t get hacked!’ Cybersecurity Round Table Seminar series being held by its reseller, Foursys, across the UK this November. To register to attend, please visit the Foursys website.

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