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The Coolest Office Interiors

When you think of an office environment, it’s easy to just think of quite a boring place, with not much imagination injected into the interior design. But modern trends and influx of new technologies being introduced are allowing for a much more adaptable work place, using stunning design and creativity these spaces are injected with brand personality giving employees a place that they are proud to work.

Extensive research has been undertaken looking into the impact of office design on performance of employees in an office environment, 97% of people regarded their place of work as a symbol of whether or not they are valued by their employer, though only 37% thought their offices have been designed ‘with people in mind’. It might be all well and good designing a space that has all the correct working parts that an office might need, (i.e. computers, desks, chairs etc.) but what about when you want to stand out a bit more? Office furniture specialist, Egan Reid take a look at some of the coolest office interiors from around the world, let’s see if it gives you a bit of inspiration for your next office refit!

BBC MediaCityUK, Salford

The BBC has been established at their 21st century northern base since 2011, producing thousands of hours of content for television, radio and online, with nearly 3,000 working in 26 departments. It has been designed to be functional and to provide a creative space for employees, with collaboration pods, guards whizzing around on Segway’s and a combination of neon and metal “thought wheels”.

Etsy HQ, Brooklyn

Starting out in 2005 as a small online marketplace, Etsy has evolved into an e-commerce platform that dominates online. They employ a diverse range of people, therefore required an office space for their headquarters that displayed and encouraged the diversity. Global architecture firm, Gensler, designed the new office, to meet the Living Building Challeng (LBC), a strict green building certification program.

The architects estimate that at least half of the 200,000 sqaure-foot office is furnished with handmade goods from 20 difference local designers and manufacturers, handpicked by Etsy! It has a mix of personal workstations, communal lounges, conference rooms and craft studios to provide freedom for the employees to move where they will produce the best work!

There’s also an area with board games, a grand piano and even a ping pong table for when people need a break, and if you fancy a spot of yoga, there is a wellness studio! Because, why not?

Google HQ, London

Based in Soho and spanning over 160,000 sq.ft, Google’s headquarters in London decided to take a different path providing employees something a little different to a traditional office building. There are different spaces throughout the office that are designed with different themes, the image below shows the “Granny Flat”, which is furnished with floral prints, rugs and comfy chairs!

Facebook HQ, California

Mark Zuckerberg has taken open plan space to the next level at Facebook’s California based offices, with a distinct lack of interior walls it has been designed to promote a certain way of working. Offices around Silicon Valley, including Apple and Google each plan a futuristic way of working with open plan spaces giving creativity room to breathe. Whilst also working to include a bit of fun into the space.

Meeting pods, slides, fireman’s poles, ball pools are just a few of the things that top companies, and even smaller firms are starting to utilise in their office design. If you are looking for inspiration on your next office interior refit, contact Egan Reid for their expertise.

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