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The Importance of Customer Feedback – 5 Things You Need To Know About Your Clients

Why is Customer Feedback Important?

Most businesses feel like they have a pretty good idea about their customers’ wants and needs. However, today’s business world is fast paced and cut-throat. Having the right mix today is no guarantee that your customers will still love you tomorrow. Businesses that stand still and fail to evolve along with the consumers will soon become irrelevant. Let’s explore a few things every business needs to know about their target audience to ensure that they stay ahead of the game:

User Experience

If your company has a digital presence, it is critical to know how users are enjoying the experience and what if any issues could be costing you conversions. Companies with mobile apps are particularly susceptible, given the intense competition in the app market. There are a number of outstanding customer survey tools that can be used to gain accurate information from app users while helping developers make apps easier and smoother to navigate.

Competitor Comparisons

We all like to think that our product or service is better than our opposition. However, by focusing too much on ourselves, we can forget that our competitors are constantly working to gain an edge. It’s not always easy to speak to current or prospective clients about your competitors’ strengths. Understanding what they feel their strong points are can really help you find ways to improve your product or service offering.

Measure Customer Service Satisfaction

For many consumers, the service that they receive is frequently as important at the product itself. In highly competitive markets where there is little or no difference between products, customer service can be the most critical decision-making factor. It is vital for every company to constantly monitor how happy their clients are with the service that they are receiving. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there that you can use to keep your fingers on the pulse.

Constructive Criticism

Nobody likes to be criticised. Especially when business is involved, it is too easy to get defensive, rather than keep an open mind and ear. We’ve all dealt with difficult customers for whom nothing was ever right or quite good enough. However, in virtually every criticism there is at least a small kernel of truth. If you can look past the bruise to the ego, you might pick up some important and useful information regarding aspects of your business that could be worked on and improved.

Get Social

Where do your clients hang out online? Consumers are spending more and more time online, particularly on social media. Smart companies are utilising Social Media well to communicate their core messages, enhance their brands and connect with their target audience in a personal way. It’s not enough to just have a Facebook or LinkedIn page. It is really important to understand which platform your customers prefer. There’s no point posting like crazy on Facebook if all your prospective clients are on Instagram! Once you’ve got the medium right, you will then be able to engage with users directly in a way that encourages them to be open about their needs and wants, as well as their thoughts regarding your product or service. In this way you can gain priceless insights.

It is clear that understanding your clients is a critical part of growing your business. As we have seen, customer feedback can be a critical tool in achieving this. However you achieve it, make sure that you are always actively pursuing the information that you will need to make your business better and more successful from the people who matter most – your customers.

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