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The Many Uses of Bitcoin for Small Businesses

Over the last few years, one of the biggest trending topics online has been Bitcoin, which went from having a little-known, almost cult-like existence, to being a widely respected and admired cryptocurrency that is edging into the mainstream and demanding attention from businesses large and small in various industries.

It’s not just companies like Expedia which allow customers to buy exotic holidays with Bitcoin – small business owners are also looking to Bitcoin to diversify their payment and transaction options.

In fact, Bitcoin has also been labeled the digital equivalent of gold, with Bitcoin seemingly more protected than traditional currencies from shocks to the global financial markets from political events. Investing in Bitcoin is, therefore, an increasingly popular trend as financial speculators turn away from more traditional currencies in favor of cryptocurrencies.

Forex Trading: The Deeper Pattern

This pattern also goes deeper, though; Bitcoin can also be used to exploit the varying worth of traditional currencies. One good example of this is using Bitcoin to trade forex. Of course you can choose to speculate on the Bitcoin market itself as a starting point here, but when it comes to speculating on more traditional currency movements, there are huge advantages of doing this through Bitcoin, one being the instant nature of the cryptocurrency. We all know how laborious credit and debit card transactions can be, but Bitcoin demands none of this labored approach, making deposits with forex trading sites faster and more seamless.

Similarly, companies incur reduced overhead costs taking payments with Bitcoin, since they don’t need to cover bank charges, and so these savings can often be passed on to the customer through things like forex deposit offers and bonuses. This page details some of the deposit bonus offers available right now when it comes to forex trading, but these deals change frequently, so it’s worth keeping an eye on all of the promotions available from different companies on a single site like before you commit your money.

Bitcoin Accumulation: Is Mining the Best Way Forward?

If Bitcoin sounds like the way forward for you in 2017, whether you’re a small business owner wanting to start accepting payments in the cryptocurrency or to use your Bitcoin stash to speculate on forex markets, you might find that knowledge of Bitcoin mining is the best starting point. Mining Bitcoin will allow you to build up a supply that can then be used to trade forex online or indeed make a standard purchase with many companies.

Bitcoin mining involves purchasing a Bitcoin miner and making sure that you have a safe and secure Bitcoin wallet. If you don’t want to run the actual mining hardware yourself for whatever reason, there’s also the option to purchase a mining contract. The tricky part with mining revolves around the fact that as the currency grows, it has been designed to become harder and harder to mine. This may sound counterintuitive but it means that the profitability in mining Bitcoin isn’t quite as high as it once was. Don’t write this technique off though; it just means that it’s imperative to get hold of the best Bitcoin miner you can find.

The reason for wanting a top-of-the-line miner is because if you don’t have one you may end up spending more on electricity than on actually earning Bitcoins! This is because a Bitcoin miner completes the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger of past transactions. By doing this (essentially helping to mine through transactions to help you extract the ‘gold’), you can then have a transaction that confirms to the rest of the network that you have been helping with this process, and you will then be able to receive bitcoins in exchange for your hard ‘work’.

If Bitcoin mining sounds too complicated for you, remember that you can simply purchase Bitcoin in the more traditional sense, just like you would purchase a foreign currency.

Whichever way you get your hands on Bitcoin, it’s what you do next with it that’s the really exciting part; whether you use it to trade on forex markets, or you use it to buy a car (yes, that really is possible!), it’s easy to take advantage of this most flexible and ‘ahead of the curve’ cryptocurrency.


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