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The Sweet Switch – 10 Tips For Opening a Delicious Dessert Popup

Pop Up shops are the done thing in this modern day and age, and the theory behind them is that a new, exciting store opens temporarily for an amount of time to draw customers in while a permanent location is established. A clothing store might do a pop-up on the main street of a major city for two weeks and sell out of all of their inventory in that time.

Just as they close, the main location opens and the furore will them carry over to the permanent location for a while, boosting sales and revenue. If you’re looking to start a dessert pop-up and you’ve already got your industrial catering equipment, we have 10 tips for opening a delicious dessert Pop-up for you to have a look at. 


Location is almost the most important thing about Pop-ups, because the point is that it Pops up! Out of nowhere, in a busy but otherwise unremarkable corner of your home city, suddenly there is colour and sweet treats. Pick a location that has lots of foot traffic and few competitors, and you’re ready for tip number two. 


Your product is your bread and butter, and if you’re selling Bread and Butter pudding your product is literally your bread and butter. Make sure your desserts are in-fashion right now (yes, that’s a thing these days) and go all out with them, really make them stand out as different and delicious.


Your presentation for your shop and for your product are hugely important, as it’s often this that will stay with your customers and the passer-by that doesn’t come in. They won’t think “remember Nanna’s Cupcakes: Pop-Up of the Best Cupcakes in the Whole World”, they’ll remember “that blue pop-up store with the amazing looking cupcakes”, so put lots of effort into how everything looks.


Pop-ups exist on a feeling of excitement and urgency, so your employees should mirror this. Hire people who know how to really get jazzed for work, and can infect others with their optimism and energy on the job. It will go a long way to moving your product if people like who they’re buying from.


 The setup you have in your kitchen has to be to the industry standard, or you will be shut down within a few days. Ensure all of your ingredients are kept refrigerated and that the whole place is cleaned every single shift end, no exceptions.


Allergies can be killers, so be entirely certain that your potential allergens are kept separate from all other ingredients and they have their own work surfaces. Nothing kills a company like accidentally nearly killing a person.


Permits are available from your local council offices, and are just as important as everything else on this list. This lets the government know when you’ll be operating and where, and what kind of trade you’ll be doing. These are essential, you have to have them to open your doors, so do your research now to save yourself a whole lot of heartache later. 

Social Media

Social media is a fact of life now, and you absolutely have to have a social media account for your pop-up. Have your employees document the food, the customers (who are willing to be documented) and the good vibes around and you’ll see your sales shoot up in a matter of days. 

Time Frame

Sort out your time frame, because just like all good things, Pop-ups come to an end. You don’t want to finish up too soon or too late, because too soon will see the steam go out of your company sales and interest in your product will drop, and too late will see you lose money hand-over-fist on your central location rent.


Finally, make sure your place is accessible to people of all ability levels, and family friendly as well. Desserts attract kids, and you don’t want to discriminate against anyone purposefully or otherwise, so install ramps and handrails where needed. 

Follow these tips and watch your desserts become an instant sensation.

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