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Top Tips on Conducting the Perfect Office Clean-up

We spend most of our time in the office. It’s common to find people spending over 50 hours in their office every week. We work, eat and drink in our offices meaning it can get relatively messy in just a few weeks’ time. What you need to change the situation are some solid tips. Here, we share our collection of the best tips to turn the messy situation around and help you conduct the perfect office clean-up.

1.    Using File Folders

The biggest cleaning culprits in an office are the papers. There are papers everywhere in a corporate setup. You find every disk getting full of paperwork. Shelves quickly fill up and eventually there is no place left for them to hide. When you’ve reached this point, you start to see papers lying on the floor, which no-one wants to see.

What you need to do is employ proper file folders and cabinets. Mark each folder for a specific purpose and ensure you place documents in their location every time you use them. This means that your papers are already arranged. Even if your cabinets and folders get filled up, you can still easily arrange them by simply replacing a folder with an empty one.

2.    Rubbish Removal Service

Sometimes, you really are busy for a few weeks and everything builds up. If you have reached a point where the simple tips fail to improve the situation, it’s time to go big and ask for help. A rubbish removal service will help you out in performing a perfect office clean up, and once again make it a wonderful place to work.

If you are looking for an excellent company, then you can always go for a rubbish removal by Envirowaste. They run an excellent commercial cleaning service and make sure that they respond to your queries within a day. They offer several other cleaning services as well, if you are interested in keeping everything clean and well-organised.

3.    Schedule Eating

The work desk often doubles up as the eating table for many individuals. This is not good practice, because it makes your desk dirty as you drop items while eating. You start to build up a lot of waste on your desk, which can in turn decrease your productivity.

The solution to this problem is to create a schedule for eating. If you know what time you’re going to have your lunch, you can get your tasks finished off beforehand so you can leave your workstation and move to a different location.

4.    Organisation

Paper and other stationery items also build up on your desk when you fail to organise them in a proper manner. Once you understand that piles are only created due to mismanagement, you will understand the importance of reducing the creation of a pile in the first place.

You should also organise a system of trays and folders rather than using them randomly. Critical documents should always be near your desk, while you should stow away documents that you may not employ on a daily basis.

Archiving is also an essential part of organisation. You should store your old items away in a place where you can always find them and use a labelling system to make sure that you can trace them later.

5.    Using Wipes

If you are in the habit of eating at work your desk may suffer. You may find that your keyboard gets stuck with fallen food and your desk simply gives off a stench. You can stop all of this from occurring by using a simple fix of cleaning wipes.

You should always buy wipes that are designed for electronic products. You should make a habit of cleaning your computer every day, especially your keyboard and screen. Cleaning with wipes keeps your office space pristine and also ensures that the working area is free from germs. Your space will also not smell and you can use an air freshener to improve the atmosphere.

6.    Empty the Bin

Many individuals are so immersed in work that they forget to empty the bin can before it’s full to the brim. A full waste basket means there will be an unwelcoming aroma around your work area.

A full bin is also a suitable place for bacteria and germs. Removing waste on a consistent basis is essential to make your office presentable to your respectable clients.

By following the above tips, you can ensure your office stays free of clutter, dirt and bacteria.

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