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Yoopies raises 4 million euros and acquires the English competitor to become the EU leader in Home Care services

Yoopies the French leader of childcare and homecare services has raised 4 million euros in Series A funding led by Runa Capital and XAnge. In addition to the services provided for individuals, the startup announced the Fall 2017 launch of YoopiesAtWork which aims to help companies increase employee well-being through an internal one-stop shop platform. Yoopies has more than 2 million users throughout Europe

Launched in 2012, Yoopies started connecting parents and sitters through an online platform and then expanded to homecare services. It now has become the leader for childcare and homecare services in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Spain. Yoopies has raised 4 million euros in addition to an undisclosed amount which was used to purchase the UK based company FindaBabysitter , strengthening their position on the European market.

Yoopies currently has more than 2 million caregivers in Europe who offer babysitting, tutoring, elderly care, housekeeping, and pet sitting services on its online platform. Families can browse hundreds of profiles and directly choose their caregiver based on their needs and feedback provided by other users .

European countries have many government assistance programs, however the process is often time consuming and confusing. To save users time and money, all the necessary administrative paperwork to receive the maximum government assistance and tax reimbursement is completed by Yoopies at no additional cost. Parents are therefore assured to receive the lowest childcare cost. Caregivers are well-compensated, around 30% above the national average.

An offer specifically designed for Employees, is already a hit for numerous Corporations

Capgemini, Air France, SAP France, Publicis, Crédit Suisse are just a few of biggest French and Swiss Corporations which have subscribed to Yoopies, along with other SMEs. They recognized the benefit of employee happiness. Yoopies offers an innovative simple solution, which saves their employees time and money, hence makes them more productive at work.

Yoopies will raise the bar with the Fall launch of YoopiesAtWork: a solution designed for companies who want to make life easier for their employees. This service promotes employee wellness by being a one-stop-shop platform for all potential employee needs. Numerous third-party service offers will be added to the site, including on-demand laundry services, personal trainers, massage therapists, and online medical consultations. “ The objective is to streamline the most amount of services to facilitate employee’s work-life balance, so that they can be more productive in the office ” explains Benjamin Suchar, co-founder of Yoopies. With the new funding, Yoopies envisions to provide services to all European employees.

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