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6 Tips for Successfully Utilising the Photo Booth at Your Event

Whether it’s a wedding, end of year work bash, eighteenth, twenty-first or even a dirty thirtieth – chances are that you’ve got quite a large event planned. The catering’s booked, you’ve got your DJ or band sorted, all the booze is ready and everyone has their invites. But there’s one thing that can really spice up your party, and that’s a photo booth. A photo booth is great fun that will keep your guests thoroughly entertained and give you memories that will last a lifetime. But how can you make the most of your photo booth? Let’s take a look at 6 hot tips to really get your money’s worth.

Snappy Props

One way to boost the value of your photobooth experience is by investing in some snappy, snazzy and silly props. Think giant, neon-coloured wigs, oversized glasses and sunglasses, sailor’s hats, cat ears, moustaches-on-a-stick. For more ideas, check out the selections and suggestions at Snappy Photobooths. Not only will these props give you hilarious photos of your guests to enjoy for years into the future, they’ll also be a hit in the present. Watch your guests split their sides with laughter as they try on and take photos with all the silly props.

Location, Location

As the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”.

The location of your photo booth will determine its success. There’s no point putting it in some far away spot where people are unlikely to encounter it. Give it prime position, next to the bar or next to the dancefloor so it gets a good workout.

Encourage Your Guests

Why spend all that money on a photo booth if it’s going to sit in the corner and gather dust? During the introductory speeches make sure to encourage your guests to make use of it. Better yet, wait until everyone has had a couple of beverages and might be more willing to participate.

Let Your Guests Keep the Photos

Everyone enjoys a memento. Let your guests take home the photos they take using the photo booth. This will encourage them to participate, and they’ll have a keepsake to remind them of you – the host with the most.

Make it a Game

Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition.

Try setting up a prize system for the best photo. This will drive people to the photo booth in droves, as well as setting up a good talking point for the night. Let people know at the start of the night that there will be prizes. Make the prize ceremony part of the speeches – and don’t be stingy with the prizes! Alcohol or gift vouchers are a safe bet.

Advertise in Advance

When crafting the invite or flyer for your event, make sure to mention that you’ll have a photo booth on the night. It is a good drawcard that will encourage folk to flock to your party. And once they’re there they’ll be sure to make good use of the booth.

To Sum it Up

To wrap it up, there’s a few things you can do to make the most of your photo booth at your next big event. Consider implementing a prize system so that people want to join in on the fun, encourage your guests throughout the night to use the booth, invest in some snappy and silly props for people to dress up with, put the booth in a prime spot and make sure that you advertise that you’ll have a booth as part of your event promotion! Voila.


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