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Bartercard Announces Master Franchise for Europe

Bartercard, the operator of the world’s largest trade exchange where small to medium-sized businesses conduct cashless transactions, has announced Bartercard France, their new master franchise for Europe.

Bartercard France officially commenced business on the 1st of June. The move signals the latest expansion for Bartercard, which aims to help businesses gain new customers and expand their distribution channels as well as move any excess stock and improve their cash flow. With the next stage of expansion now complete, the company will focus on creating additional opportunities within France.

Philip Ciniglio, CEO of Bartercard Europe, commented on the announcement by stating that “It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside the French team to advance Bartercard’s expansion and set up Bartercard France. With over 3 million SMEs currently operating in the country, and with a population of 65 million, there’s absolutely no doubt that France will be an asset to our global trade exchange. The hard work starts now to create further opportunities, not just in France, but throughout the world.”

France has become the second trade exchange set up in Europe by Bartercard and the ninth exchange globally. With 75 offices trading worldwide, Bartercard France signals the company’s intentions to work more extensively within Europe. Ciniglio added that “Bartercard looks forward to inviting all future Bartercard guests in the years to come throughout Europe and welcomes the potential within what is a wonderfully diverse and multicultural continent.”

The new master franchisee for Bartercard France is Mr Marc-William Attie. The team will be made up of Arnauld Alacir as General Manager, Quentin Herbert as Trading manager and Latifa Balla as Administration manager. When referencing the new Bartercard France team, Ciniglio stated “Mr Marc-William Attie and the team, along with Andrew Barker and James Brewer who worked on the six-week training program, deserve massive credit for the work they have put into setting up Bartercard France. Their devotion is exactly what will make their Trade Exchange successful. I know just how determined they are to make it into the best performing marketplace we have, and with new members already signed up, they’re off to a fantastic start.”

Since 1991, Bartercard has worked to revolutionise the way businesses manage their cash flow. By operating as a trade exchange that allows SMEs to gain benefits from the cash free economy of barter, the business has grown to having over 50,000 cardholders who barter-trade over a quarter of a million pounds every year.

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