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Why Customer Feedback is Essential to Your SME

Whether you’re just starting a new business or trying to achieve further growth for your SME, customer feedback should always play an essential role in your business strategies. Whatever service it is that you provide, whether it’s selling sewage treatment systems or training solutions, your business will be more successful if your customers are happy.

You might think that your market research was on point and your independent focus groups produced fantastic results. On paper your concept is airtight, but in business, we have to be prepared for all scenarios. Customer feedback provides us with vital interaction with the people who have actually paid for your product. Undervaluing their responses is like saying you know better than your customers. This train of thought is unlikely to generate the results that you desire.

The Importance of Customer Feedback

Quality customer feedback provides a number of benefits which we can harness. Firstly, it can show us who our customers are. By analysing their feedback, we can start to observe trends and similarities between our clientele. This essential information is helpful to both understanding who our customers are and informing future business decisions.

The second benefit of customer feedback is its ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our services. In the same way that performance management works for your staff, customer feedback provides constructive criticism and functions as an indicator of the quality of service you provide.

Furthermore, feedback and reviews are an excellent way to help understand how your brand is perceived. After all, you’re likely to think that the website you designed is pretty slick, but your customers might think differently. Feedback on the entire service, rather than simply the product, offers a necessary view into how your SME comes across to the public.

While recognising the importance of customer feedback is a useful step in improving the quality of your business, it’s how we analyse and process this information that can set your SME apart from the competition.

Improving Sales Through Customer Feedback

By analysing customer feedback, we can seek to enhance our services in three ways. Improving our products, increasing sales and becoming a trusted brand can all be more easily achieved with the help of our customer’s opinions.

Improving products and services can be a complicated task. The phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” often comes to mind with regards to improving existing systems. However, almost anything can be made more effective, so listen to your customers and develop accordingly. Even simple products like domestic sewage treatment systems, which have maintained foolproof designs for decades, can benefit from greater efficiency or more modern components.

On paper, improving products should produce more sales. However, a stand-out customer service team is often the best way to increase sales through customer reviews. We’re not talking a full blown department, as most SMEs couldn’t stretch to that, but having a team member who is dedicated to talking people through products can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Use great feedback scores to secure potential sales; they’re vital in providing proof that your products are the right ones for the job.

Feedback has become essential to the process of becoming a trusted brand within any industry. For smaller business that might think they are unable to directly compete with the “big brands”, this is your not-so-secret weapon. Industry giants might have a massive budget to help them make sales, but you can promise a standard of service unlike theirs. Using positive feedback to improve your brand image allows you to offer an excellence guarantee, offering quality rather than just quantity.

So, make sure you secure and make use of that all-important customer feedback. It could prove to be a goldmine of business-boosting potential!


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