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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a commonly used technique in order to optimize your marketing content according to the search conducted by your target audience. It involves playing with different aspects in order to generate marketing content according to the needs and expectations of your target audience. SEO is optimizing the search engine by manipulating your content and making it rank in the top searches on Google, by pleasing the algorithm of Google. Below are some small tips which will be helpful for you to develop SEO optimisation strategies in order to market small businesses online. Read below:

  • Decide on your keywords: Keywords play an important role in manipulating the search results on Google. Hence, use keywords which are often entered by your target audience while searching about your business online. Do not use complicated or grammatically incorrect words as your keyword. Make sure that it is relevant to what you are marketing.

  • Create target pages: Create target pages on your website which focus on the specific keywords and phrases. It is best to include the keyword 3 to 5 times per page in order to optimize the search. The home page is the most important page of your website which is the first page seen by the website visitor as well and hence, make sure that you put in relevant content on it.

  • Relevant Content: Do not just put self promotional content on the website. Make sure that you include relevant, organic and informative content on the website which gives complete information about the usefulness, price, and other important aspects of the product or service which you are marketing. If the user finds the content to be trashy and irrelevant, he is just going to strike off your buying from your business from his checklist.

  • Choosing a Website Backend: It is very important to choose a website creation platform which is SEO friendly. The website has to be crawled and indexed by Google bots and it should also be easy to optimize the URLs and other elements of SEO. Everything on the website should be customizable easily so that it can be changed according to the latest demands of target audiences.

  • Using keywords appropriately: Including the keywords and phrases 3 to 5 times in your content is not the only thing you require to do. You should include the keyword in the page title at least once, include it in the main heading and also have it twice or thrice in the Meta description of your content so that it gets optimised and becomes the most relevant for your prospect customers who are searching for your business.

  • Make the website user friendly: Along with having relevant and useful content on your website, it is also important to make sure that your customers are able to access the website easily. It should be easy to navigate and understand and should not look too complicated so that the users can find what they want easily, without any frustration.

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