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Cartridge Conscious – 6 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Printing Arsenal

Entrepreneurs, founders and business owners find themselves making complex business decisions that will impact the success of their business. Critical decisions will affect the rate of productivity, sales, growth and overheads within the business. The wrong choice can delay an organisation’s chances for success by months, years or even decades. Whatever decision is made from the stakeholders responsible for the business’s success, it needs to work as a catalyst that will help the business achieve its long-term goals.

Printing decisions have a huge importance and need to be considered carefully. Here are 6 things that you should consider, courtesy of printing specialists Cartridges Direct.

Choosing the right sized printer
Some decision-makers think that the bigger the machine, the better. Or that they can get good value for money by investing in a cheaper, smaller machine. Both of those are false, since it’s important to purchase the right printing solution for your organisation’s printing requirements. Smaller printers tend to print at a higher cost, but it is suited for organisations that have minimal printing requirements.

Investing in a printing solution that is too large will cause the organisation to waste money by having their ink cartridges expire and their printer lay idle in their organisation. To get a better idea about your organisation’s ideal printing solution, get in touch with a specialist at Cartridges Direct.

Choosing the printing capacity
This is where many business decision makers get wrong. The printing solution that they invest in isn’t optimised for their business. They usually invest in printers that are too small for their printing requirements and end up spending more on ink cartridge refills, since the printer runs out of ink too quickly.

Choosing wireless functionality
Gone are the days where printers could only function by having a connected wire from the computer to the printer. There are several wireless printers that can be connected to different electrical devices via bluetooth or a shared wireless modem connection.

Investing in a wireless printer will also minimise infrastructure setup costs, since staff will be able to work from laptops instead of desktops wired into the local intranet. This can also minimise the investment into special desks that’s needed to hide wires.

Another thing that it can help with is minimising the risk in workplace safety hazards.

Printer vs multi-function
Decision makers need to make the choice between investing in a dedicated printing machine or a multifunction machine. The multifunction machine conveniently includes scanning, copying, printing and even faxing functionalities; whilst still providing the business with the printing productivity that’s needed to meet their tasks’ demand.

A dedicated printer is for more heavy-duty jobs. Creating documents, booklets or pamphlets will require a more powerful printer that can print at a more cost-efficient rate.

Ink cartridge supplier
It’s important to choose an ink cartridge supplier that is both affordable and ethical. Cartridges Direct are one of the most reputable ink cartridge suppliers, ensuring that only high-quality sustainable ink cartridges are shared with any customers. Many suppliers are happy to provide their customers with cheaper alternatives that aren’t genuine and end up damaging their printer using them. This leads to costly repairs or even replacement costs.

Paper choice
The organisation’s prints can be rendered useless or provide the wrong impression if low quality paper is used. Choose the ideal paper that will bond well with the ink and that will provide the finishing that you want to show for your finished proofs.

Business decision-makers need to take these into strong consideration as it will have a long-term impact on the productivity and overhead costs in their business.

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