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Tasks You Should Outsource so You Can Concentrate on Growing Your Business

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, when you first started your business you were a “Jack” or “Jill” of all trades, handling a wide variety of tasks, if not all of them, by yourself. However, in order to really grow a business over the long term, it’s necessary to have a team around you and to delegate and outsource much of your work. To ensure you’re working on your business rather than in it all the time then, read on for some key tasks you should consider outsourcing today.

Content Creation

One of the most important areas of business that needs to be concentrated on, no matter what sector you’re in, is marketing. Today, when it comes to marketing, content creation is a key component of any plan, for both online and offline purposes. Content will help you build a brand presence, attract the attention of your target market, boost conversions, increase your repeat business, and help you deliver a better customer experience.

As a result, it needs to be done well, and comprehensively. Unless you’re a top wordsmith yourself, it is worthwhile outsourcing this task to a professional. Most people who don’t have a background in this area won’t create content that is effective as it needs to be, and should therefore rely on specialists in the field.

If you’re worried about budget, keep in mind there are numerous areas where you can get help with content, so you can start off with one task and build up from there as you see results. For example, you could get a professional writer to create the content for your company website, and to put together new updates each month (or even better, fortnightly or weekly) to keep the site fresh and ranking well with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

On your website, apart from the initial landing page text, you also have things like blogs, event details, product descriptions, and news updates which can be written. Other text you might like to outsource includes e-books, newsletters, press releases, digital and print advertisements, promotional flyers, and video and audio scripts. Social media posts (and planning) can also be covered by someone who is knowledgeable in this area.



Unless you’re a numbers person and really love working on financial reports and expense accounts, you will probably want to outsource your accounting tasks fairly early on. Even if you don’t mind spending time on these areas, accountants are the ones who stay up to date on all the latest rules and regulations, and will often be better at handling detailed books than you.

Keep in mind, too, that these days there is lots of great technology out there that you can get an accountant to set up for you to reduce the amount of time they have to spend on your books every year. This, in turn, will decrease your costs.

For example, most popular accounting software, such as Xero and Freshbooks, has functionality that automates tasks such as invoicing, payments, sending out reminders, coding expenses, generating key reports, and storing digital receipts.

Payroll and Other Human Resources Tasks

Once you get to the point where you need to hire staff members (or perhaps you launch your business with employees from day one), you must go about the hiring process in the right way so that you end up with the best recruits possible. After that, it is also important to ensure you tick all the necessary boxes when it comes to taking care of government-related paperwork, organizing payroll, developing training, and systems.

Most small business owners don’t have any experience in the field of payroll and other human resources tasks, and would be better off outsourcing these services to a professional instead. A human resources outsourcing company can handle every part of your employee-related needs, and start by finding the best staff members for your team. They can write job ads, place the advertisements in the right spots to generate the most interest from highly-qualified individuals, then assess candidates, conduct interviews, and present you with their shortlist of people to choose from.

These firms can also set up new employees in your system once they have been hired, and handle all the paperwork that comes with hiring people, such as classifying workers correctly and filling out and lodging the correct forms to set deadlines. After that, consultants can take care of payroll, conduct performance reviews, reward team members with awards and perks, calculate bonuses, suggest promotions, organize health insurance, and arrange for in-house or external training to be conducted as needed.

Outsourcing these jobs will free up a huge amount of time for you, and take off stress too, because you’ll know this all-important area is running smoothly.

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