Start Your Business:

Thinking of starting
a small business?

The Ultimate Business Start Up Guide...

Written by Zia Mallick the founder of Start Your Business Magazine. For over two decades 

he has overseen editorials in the UK’s most popular small business magazine. This book covers 

all the essential elements of starting up a small business…

“I decided to write this book in the era of social media and the information age. Although there is a wealth of resources available to start-ups, there is a blueprint that businesses can follow to ensure greater chances of success. I wanted to write a book to not only educate, enlighten, and inspire but also be a deterrent to those who do not fully appreciate the complexities of running a business. I hope I managed to achieve that.”
Zia Mallick
Founder, Start Your Business

Everything you need to know about starting a small business...

For start ups...

Learn about the rules and regulations from registering your business to informing HRMC and following the reporting requirements.

Thinking about a career change?

The book will provide you with a realistic overview of what to expect when running a small business and why it may or may not be for you...

Growing a business

For early life businesses, what's next? Selling your business, IPO or exploring other opportunities, you'll get an insight into growing your start up business

Get more confident...

From dressing for success to posture and voice projection skills, you will learn all the soft business skills you need to be the best version of yourself in business.

What's Inside...

Chapter One

Start Small, Think Big...

Chapter Two

Research and Planning         

Chapter Three

The Business Plan 

Chapter Four

Legal Structure and Registration

Chapter Five

Raising Finance  

Chapter Six

Taxation  and Accounting

Chapter Seven

Location and Premises

Chapter Eight

Commercial Property Leases

Chapter Nine


Chapter Ten

 Contract Law

Chapter Eleven

Hiring Employees 

Chapter Twelve

Small Business Technology 

Chapter Thirteen


Chapter Fourteen

Retail Payments

Chapter Fifteen

Business Banking

Chapter Sixteen

Sales Strategy 

Chapter Seventeen


Chapter Eighteen


Chapter Nineteen

Website Design

Chapter Twenty

Social Media

Chapter Twenty One

Print Advertising 

Chapter Twenty Two

Digital Advertising 

Chapter Twenty Three

Sales Techniques

Chapter Twenty Four

Be More Confident

Chapter Twenty Five

Dress To Impress

Chapter Twenty Six

Work Life Balance

Chapter Twenty Seven

 Health & Business

Chapter Twenty Eight

Growing Business 

Chapter Twenty Nine

Taking The Plunge 

Chapter Thirty

Final Thoughts

What's will I get
from this book?

Follow the rules & regulations

When starting up a business there are rules and regulations to follow. Get it right from the outset.

Boost your social media marketing

Understand the different social media platforms and how to get the best out of them for advertising.

Create a powerful
business plan

Putting together a good business plan to help you gain funding and assist your planning goals.

Learn why business may not be for you...

But you will be equipped with all the knowledge and skills to make your small business a success.

Improve your sales skills

Learn new sales skills and how to communicate effectively with negotiating or selling your services.

The importance of wellbeing & health

As a business owner you will need to take good care of your mind as well as your body, learn how...

No gimmicks or promises of riches

This is a technical guide to starting up and running a small business... The rest is up to you!

How to find the right location

Choosing a place to run your business will make a big difference for your brand as well as your sales.

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