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Making Sure Your Business Hits Its Targets

Making Sure Your Business Hits Its Targets

Setting goals in business is important if you’re looking to succeed. However, what’s more important is that you make sure you’re setting targets that can actually be achieved. If you’re failing to hit your targets then it shows you either…

Inject Personality Into Your Office In 3 Easy Steps

Inject personality into your office in 3 easy steps

It’s no secret that a well-planned office space encourages productivity and positivity among your employees. So, if your current situation is failing to boost the attitude of your staff, you may want to consider giving your work area a facelift.…

Safety Checks To Conduct Before Leasing A Commercial Space

Safety Checks to Conduct before Leasing a Commercial Space

In Australia, all commercial landlords are held accountable for a number of very important safety conditions and requirements. This is an essential part of making sure that tenants are never placed in any unnecessary danger. Whether you lease to an…

Parliamentary Support For An APR For SMEs

Parliamentary support for an APR for SMEs

MPs have called for the Government to act to make it mandatory for providers to declare an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on any finance they offer to SMEs. This change is required to bring much needed transparency to the commercial…

5 Reasons Why SMEs Are Ditching The Traditional Office

5 reasons why SMEs are ditching the traditional office

The way we work is changing. The days of the time consuming commute to a fixed-hours, fixed location job are numbered, the rigid 9-5 are numbered. Businesses everywhere are becoming more agile, lean and adaptable. In particular, smaller businesses are…



Progressive businesses place web-enabled and cloud-based services at the heart of their operations. Marketing and promotion is online and social, sales are web based, payments are electronic, and fulfilment (albeit usually managed by third parties) is trackable in real time…

Are You Fit For Purpose?

Are you fit for purpose?

  Many businesses that are thriving in today’s volatile economy have one commonality. They embrace the search for purpose alongside the pursuit of growing revenue. And this approach works. We know that businesses with a strong sense of purpose continually…

European Hot Spots: Where You Should Be Investing Your Money

European Hot Spots: Where You Should Be Investing Your Money

Europe is a continent of great variety. From brilliant beaches to historic towns and cities, alpine retreats and idyllic countryside it’s all there across wildly different countries. For that reason, there is much for the property investor to look out…

Save Some Green By Going Green In Business

Save Some Green by Going Green in Business

Becoming an environmentally friendly business might initially seem like an expensive move, but truth be told, it’s actually a sound investment. There is a heightened sense of awareness from today's consumer, and people are more willing to part with their…

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