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Big Data

Big Data

Meeting the Tests to get out of Data Lockdown Digital transformation of any business has always been hampered by making sense of underlying data. And that data has been growing in volume at an unprecedented rate driven by the growth…

GDPR And Data Protection:

GDPR and data protection:

What do businesses need to know in the age of COVID? COVID-19 has caused significant impacts across all aspects of society, however many UK businesses have struggled to navigate these changes. The public health emergency has meant that many organisations…

Relying On Technology

Relying on Technology

Why We Make Technology More Reliable Than People Rosey, the Jetsons’ household robot, is becoming a palpable dream for innovative engineers. Robotic and programming technologies are responsible for the creation of self-driving vehicles — and while the process requires improvements,…

The New Business World

The New Business World

Data security in the new business world With many businesses having to overhaul their operations overnight to enable their staff to work from home due to Covid-19, maintaining as close to business as usual was an absolute priority. But in…

Not So Smartphones

Not so smartphones

Why companies shouldn’t overlook smartphones for protecting their lone workers With social distancing rules likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future many organisations are investigating lone worker solutions as an additional measure to keep employees safe. But with…

Page Load Speeds

Page Load Speeds

A Guide to Improving Your Page Load Speeds. Many businesses may think that page load speeds are not very important, and why would they? Most of us these days have super-fast broadband Internet, fibre optic is being rolled out and…

Phone Hygiene…

Phone hygiene…

Mobile Phone hygiene must be a key element in employers’ back-to-work plans British businesses need to urgently incorporate increased smartphone hygiene as they prepare and plan for their employees to return to work, according to one of the UK’s top microbiologists…

Customer Data

Customer Data

How Your Business Can Make the Most Use of Customer Data Businesses understand the value of customer data. This data gives them an insight into their customers and lets them know who their target demographic is. The problem arises when…

Moving To The Cloud 

Moving to the cloud 

10 Aspects to Consider... Why one IaaS provider is not the same as another  Written by Justin Augat, Vice President Product Marketing, iland  Saying “yes” to a cloud strategy is the easy part. Eliminating on-premise infrastructure and management overheads in favour of…

Safe Automation

Safe Automation

Effectively balancing safety and efficiency with the use of automation In the current political and economic climate, efficiency and productivity have never been more important for organisations, yet the UK skills shortage is costing organisations £6.3billion a year. With a…

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