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Bank Holiday Blowout

Bank Holiday blowout

Drink and diet swaps and advice to stay on track this weekend Diet expert, Terri-Ann Nunns, shares advice on how to not overindulge at BBQs, when ordering a takeaway or eating out Some alcoholic drinks contain 400 calories – here…

Work-related Stress

Work-related stress

Nearly half of SME employees have quit jobs because of work-related frustrations and stresses that weren't addressed New Process Bliss research reveals the extent and causes of stress for staff in UK small businesses Nearly 43% of employees in UK…

Alternative Stress Mediators To Alcohol

Alternative stress mediators to alcohol

The New Year is a great time for resolutions and fresh starts, though many struggle to stick to pledges and find themselves reaching for a glass of their favourite tipple after a busy day at work. When feeling stressed, it’s…

Fancy A Cuppa

Fancy A Cuppa

Self-employed Brits drink the most caffeine before bed Nearly a third of self-employed workers drink caffeine before bed Chocolate is the UK’s favourite bedtime snack among professionals Time 4 Sleep has worked with a King’s College London dietician to identify…

Mental Health

Mental Health

Research reveals hidden health implications of self-employment New survey from FreeAgent shows that the majority of small business owners think running a business has put either their mental or physical health under stress More than a third believe both their…



Is Work Stress Robbing the UK & US of Sleep? It’s no secret that in our increasingly fast-paced economy, people’s sleep is suffering at the expense of earning a decent living. Studies have shown that workers in the UK and US…

Not Sleeping Well?

Not sleeping well?

76% of SME owners losing sleep over the state of their business where 4 in 5 people have sacrificed their personal life to make their company a success... Holidays, personal time and pay are forfeited to ensure the business keeps going…

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