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System1: Unlocking Profitable Growth

By John Kearon, Tom Ewing and Orlando Wood is out now,


Human beings make decisions in two ways. One is slow, deliberate and calculating. The other is fast, instinctive and emotional. Psychologists call this more impulsive process System1 – and it controls most of the things we do.

For business leaders and marketers, this System1 decision-making process determines the choices we make every day because they ‘feel right’, and therefore makes and breaks campaigns, products and companies. System1: Unlocking Profitable Growth explains how and why it works so well, and how businesses can benefit when it comes to innovation, communication, brand building and marketing.

The key features of System1 decision-making are Fame, Feeling and Fluency; if something comes quickly to mind, feels right and is easily recognisable then, to our dominant System1 decision-making mind, it must be a good choice. When choosing between brands, we follow our instincts rather than deferring to System2 to make considered choices. Through a series of fascinating psychological insights and real-life case studies from Tesco to Trump, the book provides practical advice on how marketers can grow their brands – because the more people feel, the more people buy.if they do.


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